Zarna and Aditya’s Platinum Love Story

Connected via mutual friends, Zarna Malaviya and Aditya Gade first crossed paths online on a social media platform. Even though both of them had their roots in Mumbai, their conversation continued online for a couple of months in a platonic manner as Zarna was in the UK pursuing a diploma course in fashion while Aditya studied engineering. However, on her return, the duo was quick to meet up and while they discovered more about each other, the duo realized that despite their varying upbringing, their core beliefs were on the same wavelength.

A self-made man who has never had the safety net of family wealth to back him up, Aditya took the pivotal decision of switching career lanes as he gave up a potential career in mechanical engineering to take a dive into fitness and entrepreneurship. Making a mark on your own is no easy feat in a saturated market. But, with Zarna’s steadfast support, the journey towards his dream was made easier. Aditya shares, “Zarna and I come from completely different backgrounds. While I’ve witnessed early on the havoc financial instability can cause, her life has been a more sheltered one. The decision to change my path was definitely not an easy one as conventionally, many agreed that an engineering job would provide me with financial stability that I missed growing up. But my heart just wasn’t in it. So after passing out of college and pursuing an internship, I decided to follow my heart and pursue fitness – a hobby that has seen me through the most trying times. Honestly, there was no dearth of naysayers as I was leaping into uncharted territory, starting from scratch with nothing but my savings to give me a minor headstart in a highly competitive segment. As I worked my way around wooing investors to put their trust in my gym, finding suitable premises and creating a customer base, Zarna was my sounding board. Our relationship was in its budding stages but the level of commitment she showed towards me and our love was very affirming. She threw caution to the winds as she trusted in my dream and pushed me to make it a reality. Right from boosting my presence online, fine-tuning my ideas, and managing my business’s social media profiles to suggesting my gym to her family and friends in the locality, Zarna did everything she could to help my business thrive.

There are many who laud you after you are successful but the people who’ve shared your load on your way to success count the most. For me, Zarna has been that person. It would have been very easy for her to duck out when things got uncertain during the formative years of our bond, but she didn’t think twice! Even during testing times, it was she who made me see the silver lining and urged me to reach out to a new client base online to keep the ship sailing. Everything, right from the website to the videos was handled by her. As a result, today I have an online vertical in addition to the three gyms that I own to widen my horizons.”

Zarna adds, “Aditya is a self-starter by nature and has always been passionate about fitness. So, when he shared his plans to switch careers, I knew that he was on the right track. There were no explanations or long conversations with questions beginning with ‘why’, ‘how’ or ‘what’ from my end. We had an unsaid understanding that ‘if this is what you love doing, then I’ll be with you regardless of the challenges.’ And, over the course of time, our commitment to the love we shared was conveyed through gestures rather than just words.

In turn, for me, Aditya has been a source of inspiration and clarity as my goal was lost on me as I made my way back from my diploma. Everything on my list had been ticked and I felt like I was back to square one! I had no clue where to start. While my family insisted I join the business and use my degree to enhance it, I was hesitant about my abilities. Aditya understood the dilemma I faced and gave me a sense of clarity with his logical mindset. He urged me to take up a few internships so that I could find my own niche in the industry and learn the ropes to understand it better. Following his advice to experiment, after a few years, I discovered that I loved designing children’s clothing. And today, thanks to Aditya, I work beside my Dad as an equal and have given my family’s business a refreshing makeover.”

Encouraging each other to reach new heights and standing tall together through thick and thin, Zarna and Aditya #CommitToLove as they find their individualities while chasing their dreams together. Standing the test of time without losing sheen, Platinum Love Bands are the perfect marker for their enduring love.

Photo Credits: Seven Matra Photography

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