Ultimate Wedding Checklist For Sister Of The Bride Duties

The only person who’s wedding you’d be more excited about than your own is your sister’s! Sisters share an unexplainable bond, and to watch your sibling get married can be an emotional and joyful rollercoaster. However, all that fun and madness comes with a list of ‘sister of the bride duties’ that you have to follow, to be the best maid of honour to her. From preparing a wedding planning list to actually being her right-hand in everything, it’s a busy time for the sister of the bride.

sister of the bride duties

Here are some of the bride duties that every sister needs to be on top of. 

#1. Keep calm and carry on

This is the holy grail and the most important part of any sister of the bride duty list. Weddings in India can be madness, with a lot of stress and planning for everyone involved. It can also be overwhelming for the bride, who’s trying to find her way into a new family, and with a new life partner. Your number one job as the sister is to keep her calm and centred through it all. From knowing quick-fix meditations to breathing exersices and stress-busting ideas, you need to have them all at hand, ALWAYS! 

#2. Who’s on the list? 

One of the main area for bride duties is the guestlist. However much the family may take on wedding planning, the guestlist is something the couple has to work on, at least for their friends and family. As the sister of the bride you have to take this off her checklist. Help her make a list of her guests, follow up with them for RSVPs and be their one point contact during the celebrations so your sister can relax and enjoy, knowing her friends are taken care of. 

#3. It’s the time to disco…

Or just groove to groovy Bollywood songs in the sangeet. Either way, an important item on the sister of the bride duties checklist is the sangeet planning. From coordinating with everyone to choosing the best songs and dancing her heart out, this is one of the most fun things on the wedding planning checklist. 

#4. I don’t like tears! 

Another essential list from the bride duties that every sister has to manage is to keep the general emotion level in check (including her own)! Weddings can be very emotional for everyone involved, and as the sister of the bride, it is your job to make sure everyone stays happy and smiling 

#5. Mirror mirror on the wall…

Ok, all duties aside, this one is really an extremely essential item on every sister’s task list—making sure her sibling looks every bit like a princess on her special day. From shopping for the perfect outfit to getting hair and makeup on point, this duty is one of the most fun, essential and time consuming one on the list. 

#6. Hiding the shoes

Now here is one duty that will bring you some serious rewards. As tradition goes, the sister of the bride is responsible for hiding her jeeja’s shoes and only returning them for a sizeable sum of money! So start thinking of great spots to hide those shoes already.

#7. Being the assistant! 

On the big day, you are literally your sister’s assistant. From bringing her food and sneaking her a drink for Dutch courage, to helping her pee, identify people and just crib when she’s tired. You have to be at her beck and call. After all, this will be the last time you just chill with your sister before she goes off into the sunset with her mister! 

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