Stunning Sustainable Forest Wedding With Family Contributions

Megan and Christian had the most beautiful, sustainable The Meadows Stirling wedding in Ontario, Canada. Not only was their day environmentally conscious (Megan is a trained environmentalist) but their family came together to help create their dream micro wedding day.

Their loved ones cooked their wedding meal and baked their wedding cake, as well as their accessories and rings being from family. Oh so sentimental. They chose elements they could keep, foraging and thrifting wonderful decor. They had dried wedding flowers and minimal styling to allow the locations to really do the talking.

Be sure to look out for their cute pup, the emotional first look and the outdoor first dance. It was really magical.

Two Cheeks Studio thanks so much for sharing these sublime shots of a very special eco-friendly wedding indeed.

The Meadows Stirling Wedding

The Proposal

Our first date was orchestrated by my best friend and Christian’s sister. They thought we would make a great couple – and turns out they were right! Our first date is one that our friends and family still joke about – it ended with no first kiss and instead, with me closing the front door in his face. Some use the word “slammed” but I think that is a stretch.

Fast forward to January 2020, out for a walk with our dog Kona on a beautiful snowy afternoon and Christian started to blabber on about the future and love, and in classic form, I tried to keep walking.

He finally was able to get me to stand still, and he promptly got down on one knee. When he asked me to marry him, my first response was “What happens if I say no?” – he was not amused. Of course, I said yes and I had our wedding planned within the next month.

The Vision

We didn’t have a specific theme in mind, but we did know that we wanted to be married outside, so we ran with that.

We found a beautiful venue that had the most stunning forest area and fell in love. Once we had the venue, the other parts all started to come together!

The venue had a rustic, elegant barn feel, and that is the theme we went with for our decor. We also were very mindful of not buying new things that would be used once, so a lot of our decor ended up being vintage and second-hand, which really added character!

We had originally planned for a wedding with 75+ people and a full bridal party but plans changed and we ended up having 19 guests and our sisters were our maid of honour and best woman.

Looking back, a small wedding was exactly what we wanted; it meant we were able to spend quality time with each and every person there. It also meant that our families, who hadn’t spent much time together before, were able to really get to know one another, which meant so much to us.

Your Outfits

The groom had one requirement for his outfit – he wanted a navy suit. He also wore his grandfather’s watch and cufflinks, and a dusty rose tie to match the maid of honours dress colour!

My wedding dress was nothing like I had envisioned. In fact, I went to a bridal store to try on a specific dress, and left with one that was the complete opposite!

But with that said, I did have some practical requirements for what I wanted. It was never a question that our dog would be part of our day, so I did not want a dress with a train that the dog would walk and trip on. I also wanted a dress that was light and that I could move in.

Considering it ended up being 40+ degrees celsius on our wedding day, and it was outdoors, I was eternally grateful for picking a light dress!

I surprised myself again by deciding I wanted a veil! But of course, I picked one that was not going to be a tripping hazard for people or dogs! I had no intention of wearing heels, and opted instead for a blush pair of sandals I already had! My earrings and necklace were borrowed from my now mother-in-law.

The Styling & Decor

For the ceremony, we went with a venue that takes care of all the decorating!

For the reception, it was all DIY. We rented two Airbnb’s, and held the meal there. Our centerpieces were bud vases and candle holders from different thrift stores, the florals on the table were picked off the side of the road and hand dried, the table runners were fabric from the fabric store cut to size, twinkle lights hung on posts and trees and the dance floor was a beautiful circular rug bought second hand off Facebook Marketplace!

Personalised Touches

Our wedding was small – 19 guests in total, and they were all family, and the day was so personalized because of that!

The food was all prepared by our families, the cake was made by the mother of the groom, our rescue pup, Kona, was there with us the whole time.

Our wedding was all about family – and that translated to a lot of aspects of the day. In fact, the groom’s ring was his grandfathers, and the bride’s engagement ring and wedding band were made with diamonds from her mother’s old jewelry.

The groom wore his great grandfather’s watch and grandfather’s cufflinks. Everyone stayed in two Airbnb’s on the same property so we could mingle and visit at any time.

The Flowers

We decided to go with dried and fake florals – not only did it make it easier to plan (no worrying about flowers wilting in the heat or transporting them in water) but they also are beautiful keepsakes.

We kept our florals simple – a big ol’ bouquet for the bride, medium-sized bouquets for the best woman and maid of honour, and a boutineer for the groom.

For our centerpieces, they were made of dried grasses and flowers that were picked off the side of the road! Simple and inexpensive, but really went with the theme of the wedding.

Memorable Moments

For Christian, the most special part of the day was the first look, which we chose to do alone, before the ceremony!

For me, the part I was most excited for was our vows. We chose to write our own vows to one another and it was so special to be able to make those promises to one another in front of our families.

Advice For Other Couples

If you are contemplating between having a small, intimate wedding and having a big wedding, our advice would be to go small!

It was so amazing being able to have everyone with us as we got ready and we were able to actually spend time with each of our guests. It also helps keep the costs down a little bit!

Does it get any more beautiful!?

Megan and Christian thanks ever so much for sharing your Meadows Stirling wedding story with us.

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