Setup a Shopify store: Everything you need to start selling for $60

Would you like to start selling your goods online? Are you considering dropshipping? The greatest ecommerce platform is Shopify, which provides all the tools you require to sell online, on social media, or in

Your Shopify store may be set up by me so you can beginselling in four days or less. I have a track record of developing stores that generate sales. Before creating an account with Shopify, kindly get in touch
with me so I can construct your development store and save you money.

Everything you need to sell anywhere is in Shopify. Your customers buy things in-store, online, on their phones, and through social media. One platform can reach each of them. It is a fantastic approach to
market a tour.

Managing a server, payment gateways, etc. is not necessary because everything is included for a simple monthly charge.
I’ve worked on a lot of fantastic Shopify stores and am a registered Shopify partner. I can get your
store up and running so that you may sell goods and take payments.

What is Included: Theme selection – I’ll give you advise on how to pick a theme from the Shopify theme store that meets your needs, and I’ll help you create your Shopify store around it. Apply your branding to a chosen theme, such as with typography and color schemes. You can also adjust the layout and the content to
make the theme uniquely yours. (Restrictions on themes apply)

Post graphics and logos Store Configuration with a Free Theme (or your purchased theme) Add three goods (3 X Variants of each – Max 3 images) I’ll post the first 50 items for you and make sure it’s simple for you to keep your store updated and maintained. Set your domain to point to your Shopify store Create staff accounts, up to five pages, ten categories, and links to social media accounts (If theme allows) Set up the payment and delivery (up to 10) Constant assistance and guidance

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