Say Hello To Dermat-backed Bridal Glow At Home With makeO!

Hey bride-to-be!

Wondering how to get that bridal glow while managing your pre-wedding to-do list? Given the time crunch and the gazillion tasks to do last minute, there’s a fair chance your skin might feel a little ignored. Which is a no-no for you, the BRIDE! So here’s the deal— while you take care of other wedding nitty-gritties, let skinnsi by makeO take care of your skin, that too in the comforts of your home!

“Yep, get that gorgeous bridal glow without stepping out.”

skinnsi, now a part of makeO, is well-loved (by brides) for its skin-rejuvenating makeover services. A convenient, comfortable, and reliable platform for all your skin concerns, makeO is revolutionising how Indians get the skin they always wanted! And as far as the bridal glow is concerned, it offers state-of-the-art hydra-facial and dermafacial services backed by expert dermatologists and performed by dermat-certified therapists in the comforts of your home.

Yep, leave your wedding glow to makeO before your D-day!

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# What’s in for brides-to-be at makeO:

1. Hydra-facial : This is not your regular salon facial but a non-invasive and super-effective facial designed to rejuvenate your natural, gorgeous glow. Call it the ideal pampering service for brides; hydra-facial by makeO will make you fall in love with your OG skin!

# Why choose hydra-facial by makeO?

If your skin looks tired, dull, or dehydrated, hydra-facial is the glow-getter it needs to replenish, rejuvenate, and radiate on your wedding day. But here’s why you must really choose makeO’s hydra-facial:

100% painless experience
  FDA-approved treatment
Virtually supervised by dermats
Personalised by expert dermats for your skin
Post-session care and assistance by experts

# What are the concerns it’ll treat?

Besides the glow, here’s what the hydra-facial treatment will take care of:

–  Mild acne
–  Excess oiliness
–  Hyperpigmentation
–  Fine lines and wrinkles
–  Enlarged and clogged pores

All you need to do is set aside 1 hour and 30 minutes for your skin to take a break and recharge!

# What are the benefits of the hydra-facial treatment?

Along with the picture-perfect glow, the treatment will:

. Prevent the formation of new pigment or spots
. Reduce chances of future acne and pimples
. Eliminate toxins, gunk and bacteria on your skin

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2.    Dermafacial Looking for a more skin-specific treatment? Although hydra-facial is suitable for all skin types, if your skin is excessively oily, has premature lines, or is dull and dehydrated, dermafacial can help.

# Why choose dermafacial by makeO?

Dermafacial will not only give you that wedding glow but also take care of all your skin concerns. Here’s why you must choose dermafacial by makeO:

–  It feels every bit like a
–  The treatment is personalised for your skin by expert
–  You feel the instant freshness and glow after a single session of
–  Now that’s something a bride wouldn’t want to miss!

# Here are concerns that dermafacial will treat:

Oil control facial: Say goodbye to greasy skin! This facial will reduce excess greasiness, purify pores and clear breakouts for a gorgeous dewy
Instant glow facial: Like an instant recharge for your tired skin! Watch your skin look smoother and clearer as this facial purifies pores, removes dead skin, and reduces dark spots and
Ultra-hydrating facial: Parched or cracked skin? Ultra-hydrating facial is the drink your skin deserves to replenish and revive the OG glow. Besides, it also smoothens and clears dark spots, tanning, and dead skin
Anti-ageing facial: Since stress can lead to premature lines, a good facial can reduce their appearance to a great extent! This one, for instance, can tighten skin, improve elasticity, and reduce age spots, dullness and lines like a

Still, wondering how different it is from regular salon facials?

# Here are some benefits of makeO’s dermafacial:

. Guarantees no skin reaction
. Performed using sterilised special tools
. Procedures include dermat-approved solutions
. Curated and performed by dermat-trained professionals

Yep, no salon aunties in the house! Just experts taking good care of your skin at home.

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Planning to book now? makeO’s booking process is super easy!

#Here’s how it works:

Self-assessment: Take the medical survey and answer questions accurately to help makeO’s experts understand your
Book your appointment: Choose a time and date that works for you, and their therapist will be at your
Sessions begin: The therapist will ensure you get the best experience out of each
Post-treatment care: Yep, their service doesn’t stop after the makeO’s customer support team will stay in touch with you until your skin recovers completely.

Your one-stop platform for convenient and stress-free skincare (especially before the wedding), makeO promises an experience of a lifetime with its multiple benefits such as:

At-home service: Yep, no more stepping out! They’ll come to your home, so you can unwind and rejuvenate at your
100% Dermat-backed care: Every session is personalised by their dermats, who have over 9 years of
Cutting-edge technology: Be it Laser Hair Reduction, chemical peels, or MNRF (micro-needling radio frequency), they are offering new-age solutions to age-old skin
Always available: makeO’s customer support is always available to help before and after the
Easy on pockets: Compared to other dermat-backed facials on the market, makeO’s packages are super easy on pockets. Even better, they have super-convenient EMIs starting at ₹2333/month!


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