Sanjana and Pulkit’s Platinum Love Story

Neighbours in the same dorm at their undergraduate university, Sanjana Reddy and Pulkit Vats met 6 years ago through their respective roommates. Pulkit was intrigued by Sanjana’s vibrant personality, charisma, and intellect, while she was thrilled to find someone who matched her emotional and mental wavelength that she could banter with effortlessly. Being fellow first-generation Americans, they connected over shared life goals, outlooks, and love for all things desi, be it food, music, or culture. With time, however, they realized what truly bonded them was their shared drive to achieve their dreams, and the relentless enthusiasm they had for each other’s success, which never seemed to waver.

Pulkit shares, “People often say their partner brings out the best in them, but it was only after meeting Sanjana that I truly understood the depth of that emotion. In the years that we have been together, I have seen my life evolving both personally and professionally. From the get-go, I have been in awe of Sanjana’s dazzling aura. Fiercely independent, smart, and creative, she constantly makes me want to strive for more, and while I was always driven as a person, she helped me orient myself in the right direction and get to where I am today. She is a year ahead of me professionally, and always extends the wisdom she has gained from her experiences to help me in my journey. From cancelling her plans to nurse me back to health even though we had been together only mere months at the time, to staying up nights with me before exams for subjects I struggled with, she has been a blend of partner and mentor. She goes above and beyond for not just me but everyone she cares about, and it makes me proud to be with someone with such a golden heart. She has been a rock for her family through many personal lows they have faced, and seeing her resilience and persistence fills my heart with nothing but love and respect.”

Sanjana on the other hand is grateful to Pulkit for being not just her motivator, but also the person she can turn to when it all falls apart. She shares, “Growing up, my family went through a lot of setbacks, which ingrained in me the drive to succeed in life and do better for them. I have had to take it all in my stride and be strong for my family, but it can get stressful sometimes to “have it together” all the time. Pulkit showed me that it is okay to break down sometimes so we gather the strength to do even better! From helping me get over my anxiety before my medical board exams to building up my confidence enough to put my creative side out in the world, he makes me feel capable of doing anything! At the same time, he is also the only one with whom I can cry, bare my insecurities, and be as raw and vulnerable as I want without fear of judgment.”

Today as they count the days till their wedding, they continue to tackle challenges and embrace life hand-in-hand. “While being in the same field definitely has helped us understand the demands of each other’s careers, we never take each other for granted. Being in the medical profession, even though we study and work long hours, we take every spare moment as a chance to spend time with each other, even if it is just a conversation. Whether it is taking time out from our busy schedules to plan a date night or picking up the chores and ensuring I have eaten when I am buried under my study load, Sanjana constantly makes me feel loved and cherished” Pulkit remarks.

Sanjana adds, “Since I have started my residency, I work 12-14 hour days getting up at the crack of dawn. Even though Pulkit doesn’t need to give up his sleep, he gets up with me just so he can make us coffee and help me kickstart my day, knowing that it is probably the only time we can spend together on most days due to my current schedule. Grand gestures may be nice, but it’s these little things that truly show you how much one cares. From precious moments of coffee and cuddles in the morning to being there for my family when I couldn’t in times of need, he has truly shown me a whole spectrum of love.”

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