Restaurant – Food Delivery website with android and iOS App for $25

This is a complete Multi Restaurant food delivery system developed using Laravel and Flutter Framework. Powerful admin panel of this system will help you to control your business smartly.
The most important features of this system include the ability to plan orders, the ability to pay online and offline for orders by the customer, have an advanced management panel, have a separate panel for restaurants, have a dynamic slider, the ability to display popular categories, the ability to display Popular restaurants, the ability to display the best dishes, the ability to display new restaurants, the ability to display all restaurants with the ability to filter the delivery method and many other features. It is fully compatible with mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. In the following article, we will mention some other features of this system along with Android and iOS applications.
Some of the features of this system are:
Support multiple delivery options Ability to display payment information Ability to display restaurant information Ability to display restaurant feedback Ability to display courier and delivery feedback The possibility of displaying food feedback Ability to categorize restaurant foods Ability to display food details The possibility of providing a discount code Ability to order food based on current location or saved location The ability to search the location through the map The possibility of registering unlimited restaurants Support for all types of payment gateways The ability to search for restaurants or foods Ability to view search history The possibility of entering and registering with a mobile number The ability to view the status of the order and many other features

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