Professional YouTube thumbnail with High performance & CTR for $10

If you really want to be successful on YouTube, you need 2 things:

Clicks Engagement Engagement depends entirely on your content. If it’s good, people will watch your video all the way through and will engage with it.

While CTR (Click Through Rate) depends on your title and, even more importantly, on your thumbnail.

With this service, I will create for you a professional High performance & CTR YouTube thumbnail that will allow you to get tons of natural clicks.

The templates I use are based on the formula developed by Brian Dean (one of the major YouTube SEO expert online):

Human face (yours or stock photo) Eye-catching yellow, orange, or blue elements Niche or abstract background Optimized text (headlines and subheadlines) Requirements

If you want your face on the thumbnail, just send me your picture (and I will remove the background). Otherwise, I will use my huge database of stock photos according to your preferences (included in the price).

And provide your text. That’s it.

Any examples?

The most effective template is the one you see above. Go through the images to see some samples.

Order now and get noticed. You will see the difference on YouTube.

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