Pretty Pink & Grey Small Wedding with Picnic Feast

Oh, what a delight it is to be sharing The Love Shack wedding of Stacey and Adam. Their plans changed considerably from a large wedding of 120 guests to their intimate micro wedding for 6. And it’s wonderful to hear that they are really pleased they opted for a small wedding and wouldn’t change a thing.

I’m not surprised though as their day was divine. Set in the Cheshire countryside and woodland, they had a sweet ceremony flanked by a flower arch. Following they had a picnic feast outdoors with the most darling table set up in pink and grey complete with a pressed flower cake. Of course, Stacey and Adam both looked stunning and everything from the flowers to the stationery was really elegant and stylish.

Thanks ever so much to Natalie Coultas Photography for sharing with us these gorgeous shots of a very happy celebration at The Love Shack.

Love Shack Wedding

The Proposal

We got engaged during a 2 week trip around Italy in 2019.

Adam got down on one knee on a bridge in Venice on the second day of our trip after we’d had a wonderful day exploring the wonders of Venice and enjoying music and drinks in St Marks Square.

The Vision

Our initial vision for our wedding was very different to the one we had due to Covid. Initially, we were planning a barn-style wedding with 120 guests in York. We were going to have lots of outdoor games and an Easter egg hunt as we were due to get married Easter weekend.

After 2 cancellations and 2 more years, we scrapped this original wedding plan as we just wanted to be married and the guest numbers were still not allowed for our original plans.

We found a beautiful venue that opened recently for weddings in Chester – The Love Shack. The venue specialised in elopements and micro weddings and looked stunning. We fell in love and started planning a wedding for 6 guests, with all the things we wanted that we couldn’t afford in the original wedding – beautiful flowers, picnic-style catering and a venue stylist.


Our wedding’s original budget was around £20,000, however, our beautiful micro wedding ended up costing considerably less and allowed us to have all the amazing things that we wanted.

We spent around £6,000.

The Venue

The Love Shack – Chester. A beautiful venue with the most amazing owners who were so supportive, open to all our ideas and just in general wonderful people.


Your Outfits

Dress – Wed2B – £550

Suit – Moss Bros – £200

The Ceremony & Music

Walking down the aisle – Falling Slowly – Once the Musical

During the ceremony – The Shire – The Hobbit

End of the ceremony – Love Shack – B52s (we just had to and it started playing hilariously while the officiant was still wrapping up the important serious part of the ceremony)

We had both sets of our parents as the only attendants at our wedding and the aisle we walked down was incredible – a long winding aisle through the beautiful trees that were fitted with speakers to play music outside!

Your Photographer & Filmmaker

Natalie Coultas Photography
Big Little Moments Video
Our Film

The Styling & Decor

We entrusted a lot of the styling and décor to our wonderful florist and venue stylists. I shared the colour scheme with them of greys and pinks and the images of the venue and they did an amazing job of styling something incredible.

The stylists and the florist came on the day and set everything up for us. We had amazing fresh flowers in pink and cream colours and even had an amazing fresh flower arch in the ceremony room.

The cake was a vegan creation with amazing edible flowers on the exterior to match the venue’s outdoor theme. We really wanted to create a sophisticated picnic in the woodlands and had an amazing and beautiful picnic food platter.

The Honeymoon

We originally planned a big Thailand adventure for our honeymoon however Covid once again had other plans.

Instead, we had a mini-moon spent in the Lake District at the wonderful Gilpin Hotel and Lake House. It was wonderful, a hot tub, incredible food, we went llama trekking, clay pigeon shooting and kayaking.

Memorable Moments

Playing croquet on the wonderful grassy area as a family.
The ceremony itself and the belting of love shack over the end of the officiant’s words.
Being able to spend the whole day in the gorgeous sunshine, celebrating with those nearest and dearest.

Advice For Other Couples

We always thought we wanted the big wedding with lots of people and had planned this and were a week out from getting it.

However, our micro wedding turned out to be exactly what we wanted. It not only was a lot cheaper, but it allowed us to spend the day with each other and our parents celebrating. It meant that we could have everything we had dreamed of wanting in our wedding not having to sacrifice certain things in order to be able to afford food and drink costs.

I would say to other couples if you are weighing up two different wedding options I can fully recommend a small ceremony and wedding day followed by a party later for everyone else! I wouldn’t now change a thing.

Such a special wedding day, wow!

Stacey and Adam, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your Love Shack wedding story with us.

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