Plan Your Honeymoon With This Ultimate Checklist For Newly-Wed Couples

Undoubtedly, planning a honeymoon is stressful especially since most of the energy is devoted to the madness of wedding planning. So, it is important to have a honeymoon checklist just like a wedding checklist! Honeymoon is your time to relax with your partner after the wedding madness. You definitely don’t want that to be a stressful time too with managing things at the last minute. So, to help the newly-wed couples, ShaadiWish has put together an ultimate honeymoon checklist that covers everything one must start with while planning a honeymoon.  

Bookmark This Ultimate Honeymoon Checklist To Have A Stress-Free Planning Experience:

Start Planning Your Honeymoon Way In Advance

With wedding planning, most people keep honeymoon planning for the last minute. If you keep it dicey till the last minute, you might lose out on some amazing deals and discounted rates of flights or stay. You might end up paying a whole lot of unnecessary extra moolah if you plan it last minute. Remember, a honeymoon is literally the first vacation for you and your partner as husband and wife, and it is also a winding down time. You don’t want it to be filled with stress due to overpaying for things.

As soon as the wedding planning begins, start taking on the baby steps for honeymoon planning:

      Discuss with your partner about all the possible destinations that you both can visit.

      Once the destination is zeroed down, then start setting up a budget for your trip.

      Figure out how many days you both want it to be so that you can start planning your work leaves accordingly.

      Start checking out various travel agents and holiday tours for honeymoon packages and special offers. If you wish to plan the entire trip with agents and tours, then you need to keep aside a designated time everyday to do your research. Look for the best hotels and travel options that you can book way in advance.

Image Source: Aakriti Rana
Image Source: Travel & Love – Savi & Vid
Image Source: Travel & Love – Savi & Vid

Image Source: Aakriti Rana

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Set Aside A Good Amount Of Time To Finalize All The Honeymoon Reservations

Once you plan everything from the destinations to the number of days, the next thing to do is to get started with the reservations and booking. Make a list of to-do reservations and get to it! Book all your hotel or resort stays, transportation and commutation options, airport pickups and drop offs, sightseeing pickup and transfers, etc. You want your honeymoon to be blissful and relaxed; not packed with last minute transport arrangements at a new place. Do not leave anything as an option to check on the spot. Also, you can look up for dining options to see if you can book a prior reservation to avoid waiting.

Here are some major reservations and bookings that you need to get done way in advance to avoid paying extra or last-minute mishaps:

      Begin with hotel/resort bookings

      Book transport – pick up and drop offs from airport to hotel, train stations to hotel and vice versa.

      Book a cab or local transport to travel within the city for everyday sightseeing.

      Make dining reservations. Also check if the hotels provide breakfast; if not, you might also want to book the meals.

      Look for couple-friendly activities that are offered around the area or in the hotel. Make necessary bookings.

Pro Tip:

1. Scroll through multiple hotel and resort’s social media handles. Many of these places post some exceptional deals for a certain period of time that you can totally en-cash! These deals might not always be available on the booking websites.

Always mention that you are making bookings or reservations for your honeymoon. Many of the hotels and resorts offer deals and discounts for the honeymooners. Letting your hotel or resort well in advance about your honeymoon status might lead you to grab some perks of being a honeymoon couple. Be it a suite upgrade or some extra bottles of wine when you go for dining.

Image Source: Travel & Love – Savi & Vid
Image Source: Travel & Love – Savi & Vid

Image Source: Aakriti Rana

Honeymoon Planning Also Includes Ensuring All The Documents Are In Place

It is highly necessary to get your travel tickets and documents ready before you travel. If you are traveling internationally, then check for your visa requirements way ahead of the travel date. Also check the validity of the visa – i.e., for how many months or days your visa would be valid once you apply for it. Ensure the visa validity isn’t aligning closely to your dates of travel. Check for your and your spouse’s passport validity. In case you are visiting a country that has a visa on arrival, ensure you cross check all the necessary documents.

Most of the countries have fees for the visa on arrival, so ensure you carry the amount in cash in the respective country’s currency to avoid any credit card failure. Though we live in a digital age, it never hurts to have physical copies of your travel itineraries and documents in case your phone dies. It is best to be prepared.

Along with the essential documents like visa papers and passport, ensure your carry-on bag includes:

      Driver’s license

      Alternative or backup credit card

      Make a copy of all travel documents and tickets in case of emergency

      Prescription medications

Keep A Check For All The COVID Restrictions

Although the pandemic might seem like its long gone, there are some countries that still follow certain norms and restrictions especially for international travelers. Check out the norms and make arrangements accordingly. You don’t want your trips to be disrupted by lack of specific vaccine requirements and quarantines. Make sure you have up-to-date information.

Ensure these things when it comes to COVID norms:

      Check for the country’s entry requirements

      Arrange an RT-PCR or Rapid test if required.

      Keep a print of your COVID vaccinations handy.

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Jot Down A Rough Itinerary For The Honeymoon

No matter what the duration of your trip is, it is best to have a rough itinerary in place. Plan your honeymoon with an intention to unwind, relax and spend some time with your partner. Do your research of the things that are happening around the time you are visiting. Remember it is your time to connect with your partner, so look for activities that can help you both bond. Don’t make a strict timetable, however make sure you list down the things you don’t want to miss out on exploring. If you don’t want to indulge in any specific activities, you can simply plan a dinner date by the pool or beach and spend time with your partner.

Things you must remember:

      Check if there is some concert or weekly flea market that your partner might be interested in visiting.

      Make a rough plan of visiting sights around as an option in case the mood strikes.

      Remember to sit back and relax!

Image Source: Aakriti Rana
Image Source: Travel & Love – Savi & Vid
Image Source: Travel & Love – Savi & Vid

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Add Shopping To Your Honeymoon Checklist

Yes, the next thing on the honeymoon checklist is shopping! Depending on the honeymoon destination, you might need clothes accordingly. Check for the weather and shop for summer-wear, beach-wear, or winter clothes accordingly.

If you are visiting a beach destination or during summer, then pack:

      Swimsuits and beachwear.

      Pack shorts, dresses and light clothing.

      Opt for lighter footwear that are beach-friendly.

      Do not forget sunscreen, hats, sunglasses and coveralls.

If you are visiting snow-capped peaks or during winter, then pack:

      Waterproof and warm jacket.

      Multiple warmers so that you can simply layer up.

      Scarves and woolen mittens.

      Moisturizers and body lotions as the cold air will dry your skin.

Image Source: Aakriti Rana
Image Source: Travel & Love – Savi & Vid
Image Source: Aakriti Rana

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