Inspired by the ghats of Banaras and Jaipuri carnivals, this couple’s destination wedding decor in Rajasthan expressed their love for all things desi!

Flaunting a variety of unique themes that made each event an absolute triumph, businessman Pancham Buchasia and businesswoman Niharika Goyal’s wedding in the month of May in the city of Jaipur was a showstopper. Decorated by WeddingSutra Favorite – Weddings By Bhawna Charan, this union left everyone awe-struck with its highly detailed decor and out-of-the-box themes. Capturing a treasure trove of memories was WeddingSutra Favorite – Malvika Periwal Photography who captured the couple at their adorable best.

Orchestrating the decor for a grand destination wedding in Rajasthan is not a cakewalk especially when there is a risk of repetition involved. Giving us an overview of the brief shared by the couple, Bhawna from Weddings By Bhawana Charan shares, “The couple was very clear that they wanted to do something unique. At the same time, they didn’t just want the festivities to look good but also to offer an immersive experience to their guests. Being ardent admirers of Indian traditions and art forms, the couple was keen on giving each event a desi touch, and so we landed on themes that were inspired by Indian destinations. Consequently, we also conceptualized their events using contemporary themes for added glamour”

First of the many events was the bright and quirky Mehndi that followed a ‘Chumbak’ theme. Taking a cue from the popular lifestyle brand’s modern desi aesthetics, the event featured bright hues, eccentric photo frames, comfy upholstered stools and peach flowers that added a dash of freshness to the indoor event. The brand’s signature owl printed on coasters was suspended from the ceiling while a customized fan with the couple’s childhood memories flanked the main seating area.

Next in line was the Cocktail which was a curious mix of modern and conventional elements. Bhawna shares, “The couple had fond memories of the time they’d spent together at the Toy Room, a club in London. The interior decor of the club takes style inspiration from graffiti, fictional characters, comic book illustrations and popular media, and so we decided to give the entire event a glamorous feel by deriving inspiration from these very elements. Additionally, Niharika and Pancham also have a soft spot for traditional Indian elements! Overall, this event was all about striking the right balance between two different themes. Thankfully, we were able to bring their vision to life.”

The Myra stayed true to traditions and was grand as it could be, swathed in yellow floral garlands and accentuated by gleaming brass elements! The textile art of bandhej was incorporated into the event by upholstering the sofas in red bandhej fabric while grey bandhej cushions struck a beautiful contrast with the warm color palette. Last but not the least, an elephant crafted out of leaves and marigolds added a pleasant quirk to the decor.

The Sangeet was glamorous and based around the ‘Starry night’ theme. Even as hues of dark blue added a mysterious vibe to the event, huge chandeliers ensured the glitz was at an all-time high. Crystals suspended from the ceiling gleamed as they swayed while everyone had a gala time dancing to the beats of their favorite tracks. A colossal stage ensured that all eyes were on the couple and their families while they performed.

Drawing inspiration from the city where the celebration was being hosted, the Pink City Carnival-themed Haldi was orchestrated using plenty of pink elements in line with the unique theme. The event was breezy and refreshed one’s senses under the splendid Jaipur sun. With a pink-hued backdrop featuring iconic Rajasthani charkas, the stage set the tone for the festivities as the musicians enthralled the audience. A block printing counter, silver camels and miniature vases gave the event a modern twist.

For the big day, the decor team went full steam ahead as they crafted a Wedding that inspired awe at every turn. Paying homage to the age-old beauty of the iconic Banaras ghats, the decor included elements like temple sculptures, flickering LED divas, brass bells, traditionally shaped arches, fresh flowers and lotus-like candle holders that lit up the guest tables. Held under the open night sky, the Wedding exuded a magical vibe and transported guests to a different world altogether with its immersive and highly detailed decor.

The Wedding Makers

Venue: Hotel Fairmont Jaipur
Wedding Planner: Emerald Events
Décor: Weddings by Bhawna Charan
Hospitality: Festal’s Hospitality Group
Groom’s Outfits: Allur’ by Divya Todai (Mehndi and Myra), Aditya Dugar (Cocktail, Tilak, Sangeet), Burlington (Telbaan), Tarun Tahiliani (Wedding, Reception)
Bride’s Outfits: Shyamal & Bhumika (Mehndi, Myra), Amit Aggarwal (Cocktail), Falguni Shane Peacock (Tilak, Sangeet), Saroj Jalan (Telbaan), Anamika Khanna (Wedding, Reception)
Makeup: Prasenjit Biswas
Entertainment: Meet Bros (Cocktail), FilmyTronix (Sangeet), Rapperiya Baalam (Telbaan), Ankit Batra (Wedding), Rasika Shekhar (Reception)
Wedding Invitations: Huisha Ganeriwal
Photography: Malvika Periwal Photography

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