I will trim, clear background noices, add multiple audios and leveling the pitch and much more for $5

Please contact me before placing an order.

Whatever your audio needs, I can help. I’ll cut it together how you want, to improve the pacing and flow of the audio. I can trim, correct, add audio, add background music, clear the audio, volume manipulation of audio and give high quality file. I can balance audio levels, sync audio to video, and add royalty free music and sound effects. Starting at as little as $5 for five minutes of audio.

What exactly you need from me will change which package is right for you, so please contact me before ordering and we’ll talk and work out a price.

What you’re paying for:

– Audio Balancing
– Adding Royalty Free Music
– remove any sort of background noise or unwanted sounds
– make your voice sound RICH and FULL
– edits, cuts wherever needed (provide time indications please)
– a TOP level mixing and mastering (any FX you want!)
– adding intro/outros/adds (provided by you)
– a volume normalization, according to International Loudness Standards (if requested)
– output audio in any desired format (mp3, WAV, really whatever!)

I need all of your files! Send me the video, audio, images, text, etc. along with an idea of what you want!

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