I will translate web novels or comics from Chinese to English for $10

Fakhr Translation Service

We are an integrated team of translators, designers, development work, and other workers.

We are happy to assist you with whatever you need, our team is at your service.

Hi, I’m Mango! I speak Chinese and English fluently and am able to help you translate different things from Chinese to English, here is how my miscellaneous package works.

For $10 I will translate 1000 words.

Store-bought mango

I help translate into English many Chinese phrases that you do not understand with additional explanations (for example from textbooks, newspapers, and signs) in a Word document; Try to collect as many words as possible to reach 2000 words so that I can translate them all at once for you

Ripe, farm-fresh mango

I help translate web comics and web novels of your choice (in every 2 episodes/chapters by length, web novels are best around 2000-3000 words in length) by translating them into a word document and comments about language usage/play with words as translator notes or Suggestions for using other words whenever the translation gets stuck.

Important! Please send me the original images/text file so I can translate it for you. I can’t translate directly from the original sources because most of them are paid.

Excellent mango, very juicy

Ripe, farm fresh mangoes, but in a larger cage.


Can you translate webcomics from the original source?
Unless they are free online, I am unable to do so. If they are free online but untranslated, please link them to me; if they are paid for, please send me the original images (can be screenshots, multiple panels, google docs, etc.) and I will translate them for you.

What format do you use? Will you translate it according to my specifications?
I usually follow the format of generic scanlation groups. For any specifications, just notify me of what you want to be changed (e.g. formatting, font size, font color, font, page layouts, etc.).

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