I will provide detailed website SEO audit report, competitor site analysis for $5

You’ll get a detailed SEO audit report of your website, including an in-depth audit and screenshots with explanations. Plus, I’ll give you tips to help improve it!

So, let me audit your site and give you a Website SEO Audit report to help drive traffic to the pages where it’s needed most.

I will tell you why a problem exists and provide solutions. Your website is not ranking as well because of ____, which can be fixed with ___

Mentioning keywords, in the beginning, makes it easier for search engines to rank pages on page 1 by including them throughout one’s content strategy

As most important asset an online business has is its website. So, look at your site’s navigation, titles, and descriptions, as well as the code issues listed Below Stuff:

✔ Detailed Competitor Analysis

✔ Website Metadata Errors

✔ Performance Issues

✔ Issues That are disturbing in Ranking

✔ Mobile Friendly

✔ Backlinks Profile

✔ Core Web Vital

✔ Content Duplication

✔ Mixed Content

And Much More…

I am looking forward to our collaboration.

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