I will find amazon arbitrage, wholesale fba product, brand,and get distributor approval for $5

It’s me Abdurrahman. I’m a professional market researcher and trends analyst of amazon wholesale fba or amazon arbitrage. I have two years of experience in this field.
I will do brand hunting, brand analysis, distributors analysis, and contact for product brand approval.

AMAZON Online Arbitrage Research Criteria:
· Non-trendy or seasonal Arbitrage products.
· ROI MIN: 15% – 30% ++
· PROFIT MIN: $6++
· Lowest BSR 1%-3%
· Amazon is not selling on that listing
· we analyze products with different software
· we give the suppliers or source links of the products.
· we investigating IP COMPLAINTS.
· we review product history with keepa and other most advanced like source mogul or tactical arbitrage tools for Online Arbitrage deals.

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