I will create 3d realistic character modeling for $125

What do I do in this gig?

I can model, retopologize and texture your character design, based off of your concept art or references, so that it will be ready to be rigged, animated, and put into your game/animation. I am certain I can provide a professional 3D model that you’d be proud to show in your project.

What style model can I do?

we can discuss the kind of style you would like me to go for, as I am flexible to provide what is needed, please check my website here :


for more model styles I have done so far, although I am open to work with you to get the desired style you are aiming for, please feel free to message me!

Can I do other 3D models not just games and animation?

I also have experience in 3D printing, NFT, and just presenting a rendered 3D sculpt for a display, if this is what you’re after.

Which programmes do I use?

I mainly use blender, Zbrush, and substance painter, and have worked on characters for games in programmes such as Unreal Engine and Unity

I will always make sure to keep up a good contact so that we can make sure the model is just how you’re wanting it. Lets make your vision come to life !

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