Hunting for destinations for a pre-wedding photoshoot? Sets In The City has you covered with its picture-perfect setups!

Finding the ideal pre-wedding photoshoot location is no easy feat. Be it travelling, permissions, finding the right spot, the expenses – the list goes on! Thankfully, Sets In The City gives you the luxury of having an internationally-themed photoshoot without the hassle. With 50 different setups and more than 100 meticulously detailed backdrops, this venue is your one-stop location for a dreamy pre-wedding photoshoot! Forget the tickets, the packing, and the fuss of booking the right professionals as Sets In The City, one of the most trending locations for pre-wedding shoots in Mumbai, precisely understands a couple’s needs and provides you with outfits, makeup artists, photographers and even a restaurant where you can take a break and unwind in between shots! Be it Rajasthani splendour, Mughal opulence, the whimsical Japanese sakura blooms or the romance of Santorini you’ve got your eyes on, their comprehensive and exquisitely curated sets make it the most instagrammable place in Mumbai.

So, if you’ve got a pre-wedding photoshoot on the cards, we’ve compiled a list of some of their most romantic sets where you and your partner can put your most stylish foot forward and create social media frenzy!

1) Suryakund
Step into another world at the architectural masterpiece of the Suryakund step wells. Surrounded by steps and a full-size well in the centre, this place transports you into a world of your own. The step wells are inspired by the Banaras Ghats, and are extremely authentic-looking. Its sharp lines and beautiful geometric shapes make every picture here aesthetically pleasing.

2) Rajwadi Courtyard
Channelling the stunning beauty of the Rajputana Empire, this courtyard will take you back in time. Made with pure Jaisalmer stone, this structure exudes royal grandeur with its twin staircases that open up to a courtyard and an outdoor gazebo surrounded by water. Displaying the meticulous architectural skills of the olden times, this set is dreamy, romantic and desi at heart.

3) Slice Of Santorini
Let the pristine whites and deep blues sweep you away to the cool shores of Santorini! One of the most photogenic places on earth is now at your disposal, that too, right in Mumbai! Spacious terraces, domes, wide stairwells and a pool make for scenic pictures that will make your friends go ‘wow!’

4) Love Blossoms
The cherry blossom season in Japan has long been adored by people across the globe, especially, by couples who flock under the trees to capture adorable moments between them. After carefully scouting the streets of Tokyo and studying these delicate blossoms, Sets In The City brings to you, your very own version of hanami, that is, a ritual of cherry blossom viewing.
Engulf yourselves in bliss as you cozy up under a sakura tree showering you with blooms.

5) Iconic Italy
The most romantic city on earth, Venice, has everyone’s hearts. Sets In The City with its eye for details and vision has brought Venice to Mumbai. Capture the romance and intrigue of Venice by the canal, on the bridge or against the tastefully done Renaissance-era façade.

6) Victorian Splendor
This tranquil space with classical Victorian features is lit up with sunshine streaming in from tall french windows. Additionally, this blank canvas can be fashioned in any way you can imagine – a wedding chapel, a church or even a ballroom – the possibilities are endless! And, the grand staircase is a striking addition, perfect for photo shoots and videos.

7) Texas Ranch
Put on your boots and giddy up as Sets In The City takes the two of you to the Old Wild West – a land of wooden saloons, haystacks, barrels, hats and boots. Pose for a duel, ramble on a haystack and pet a horse as you enjoy some quality time with your partner while you click amazing pictures.

8) Laguna Lake
At the heart of Sets In The City lays Laguna lake which adds an extra dash of charm to every set built off its shore. You can easily forget the bustling city while being at your candid best for the lenses on a floating tent or a wooden raft from where you can also marvel at swans and fishes.

9) Glass House
The sheer beauty of this gorgeous glasshouse will leave you in awe! Decked with chandeliers, luxurious sofa sets and checkered flooring, it makes for a glamorous yet dreamy evening setting. Nestled by the lake, with lush greenery within it and on the outside, this spot creates an aura of romance which, in turn, results in enchanting pictures.

10) Red Fort
If you’re a fan of heritage architecture, then the Red Fort set is right up your alley! Exotic, opulent and carrying the graceful charm of classic Mughal craftsmanship, this set is widely used for films as well as photoshoots. Strike a pose against wooden beamed doors or bask in the sunshine under the classic gazebo – the choices are endless!

The photoshoot of your dreams is only a click away. To learn more about Set In The City click here

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