Get Clarity on Which Diamond Ring Shape Will Make the Cut for You

Even if you want your engagement ring to be a surprise, it’s always fun to dream of what it will look like. Chances are, you already know whether you’re a yellow or white gold type of person, and there’s always platinum, so the only real question is what shape fits you? Not literally, you can totally pull off whatever shape you like. Picking a shape is more about choosing something that suits your personality, your vibe. Think of it as a personality quiz but with an extra sparkly prize at the end. 


The Shapes

You are probably familiar with most of the shapes, but just in case, we figured we’d break them all down for you. There were actually a few that we had never heard of! Plus, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites for each of the shapes so you can do a little more than window shopping if you know what we mean. Or feel free to leave this post open on your comp in a “convenient” location. 



Let’s start with the most timeless and sparkliest of all the shapes, round. We love a round diamond because it looks great in just about any setting and, most importantly, any size. Whether you go for a solitaire or a ring with a fun starburst halo, your round-cut diamond will certainly turn a few heads. Because you can’t go wrong with a round cut, this is perfect for the bride-to-be who suffers from decision fatigue. And when it comes to decisions, it doesn’t get much harder than picking a diamond because let’s face it, they’re all so dang PRETTY! So if you’re a boss babe in your day-to-day life and you just need someone to take the reins on this one, we’re here to say–go round! 

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