Fun Authentic Bangladeshi & Irish Fusion Wedding

Welcome to the fun fusion Stanhill Court Hotel wedding of Hasib and Ellie in Surrey. Their day was the most beautiful multicultural wedding, which included their Bangladeshi and Irish heritages perfectly.

They had a Nikah, followed by a Mehndi and then their wedding day at Stanhill Court Hotel before a catholic blessing in Ireland. There were stunning outfits, lots of outdoor games and pretty fresh florals to name a few. Personal stationery, a statement buttercream cake and huge smiles can all be found in their stunning wedding photos.

Thanks so much to Sasha Weddings for sharing these joy-filled and vibrant images with us. Enjoy them all.

Stanhill Court Hotel Wedding

The Proposal

Hasib really wanted to propose to Ellie in 2020 so we had some good memories from a hard year. Lockdowns made this hard work, but on 28th December 2020, a lovely winter walk in Bedfordshire provided the right opportunity.

Hasib remembers getting emotional, and Ellie remembers the surprise!

The Vision

We wanted to combine our Bangladeshi and Irish heritage in a celebration. We really struggled to decide which events to do, so we decided to do all of them! We had a multi-part wedding.

First with a Muslim blessing in 2021 called a Nikah, complete with red Sari and Sherwani in Hasib’s parents’ garden. Then came our mehndi, where our friends and family smeared turmeric on our faces and fed us mishti (South Asian sweets) to wish us luck!

We had our wedding day at Stanhill Court Hotel and capped things off with a catholic blessing in Ellie’s family’s hometown of Belmullet, Ireland.

The Venue

We had our legal wedding at Stanhill Court Hotel. It was the most wonderful day. From serving chai as our welcome drink to baby Guinness nightcaps. Cheers of as-salāmu ʿalaykum and céad míle fáilte.

We played cricket – in our wedding clothes – on the green, danced to Bollywood songs on the cello, and partied to our fabulous band. The setting was beautiful and we had the best time.

Your Outfits

For our nikah and mehndi we wore beautiful Asian outfits, made in Bangladesh with the help of Hasib’s family.

For our main wedding day, Ellie wore a white dress from David’s Bridal. Ellie had a wedding headband and had a broach on her flowers as a tribute to Ellie’s nans who we lost in 2020. Hasib wore a Nehru jacket as a nod to his heritage.

The Ceremony & Music

We had a civil ceremony. The bridal party came down the aisle to Here Comes the Sun, and Ellie came down to Home by Edith Whiskers.

We also played The Beach Boys and the Kooks. We had a cellist who played Bollywood songs and a cracking band. Our first dance was Are You Ready for Love – Elton John.

Your Photographer & Filmmaker

Our photographer was amazing! Made us feel so at ease and we got such beautiful photos, we’re so grateful to her for capturing our special days!

The Styling & Decor

We had a delicious gluten-free cake. Our flowers were provided by our friend Matthew and they were gorgeous.

Our stand-out decorations were our table cards, made by Ellie’s brother. He drew special locations to create postcards. We wrote the stories of us being there on them too for our guests to read.

The Honeymoon

We had a fabulous time eating and drinking our way around Nice, Cannes and Monaco. The perfect way to end our celebrations.

Memorable Moments

For us, seeing our families come together and meld so well will always be our most treasured part of all the celebrations.

Advice For Other Couples

As a mixed couple, we felt quite overwhelmed at the start. It can be hard to decide what parts of your culture to bring together, and we found it hard to take into account our families’ views and also focus on what we wanted to do.

Our biggest piece of advice is to remember you’re not alone – mixed couples are getting married all the time! It’s important to understand where your boundaries and limits are and to approach the whole thing as a team.

We spent a lot of time talking and making sure we were both comfortable with the decisions we were making. We knew we always wanted to do the wedding justice for our families, but at the end of the day, we always had each other’s backs!

Oh so gorgeous!

Hasib and Ellie, thank you both so much for sharing your epic Stanhill Court Hotel wedding story with us.

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