Esty sales targeted USA web traffic for $20

500-600 Daily traffic for 30 Days,5 SEO keywords
audience size 18000

Esty web traffic and SEO service

Do you want to boost brand awareness of your Etsy shop ? It’s a essential to have continuous traffic to your Etsy shop daily basis to boost Etsy sales and to keep Etsy rank on 1 page.

if You’re looking to grow your Esty shop and boost your Esty shop traffic

Hand over your Etsy promotion project to us we’ll handle the rest Optimize your Etsy product as below before you buy my service.

Optimize your Esty product following tips

Title and Tags should start with the primary keyword Vary Keywords for Similar Etsy listings and Tags Publish more than 10 listings Use all 13 tags Vary Keywords for Similar Products Add description Add Quality Photos Add genuine profile image and refund policy Put the Category in Your Title Use Long tail In keyword Titles
How it works

we will search for your product to increase ranking and visibility. The targeted visitors we drive to your product will be more niche related and increase your daily Esty search volume.

Even if you have unique , high – quality products , an attractive and inviting Etsy shop , detailed product images , and quick shipping , if no one sees your listings , you won’t have any sales.

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