Develop and design a high quality WordPress website for $75

⍟Why This GIG?
Your #1 Web Developer & Designer – Technical Support – Full Work – Super High Quality – Perfect Results.

⍟Features – What you will get
1-Responsive design (Mobile, Tablet, PC)
2-Beautiful and attractive color scheme
3-Easy Navigation
4-Elegant Header & Footer
5-Online Store Features (Cart, Account, Checkout, Voucher, Discount, etc..)
6-Management system (For Staff, employees, and customers
7-Animations, transitions, and vivid effects
8-Live Chat for your website (can be linked to your phone to reply to clients)
9-Logos and Graphics Included
10-Security, Antivirus, and Firewall
11-Any Customization you want
12-Support for 3 months
13-Any Customization!

-Full Website
-Fast Loading Speed
-Elegant Design
-Secure and Safe
-Advanced Features
-No Bugs
-Technical support for 90 days / Free Of Charge

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