Bring more than 5000 visitor to your website or your video for $5

Do you want to get more visitors to your websites?Do you want to get more views on your videos?Do you want to improve your ranking on Google?

If you answer “YES” to this question, then this service is for you!

Get more than 5000 visitors on your website, or 5000 views to your video.
These are real visitors with real IP addresses, coming from several countries.
Each visit lasts between 15 and 25 seconds.
NB: For your information, Google considers that a good relevant traffic lasts at least 9 seconds. So the traffic we offer you is well qualified for Google and will impact your ranking in the search results.

FOR 1$, we offer you a place for 1 website or your video.

You can add more websites and target the countries where your visitors come from. To do this, add the extras to this service

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