Bohemian Magical & Creative Purple & Yellow Destination Wedding

Annie and Will had the most beautiful Menorca destination wedding at winery Binifadet. They chose Menorca due to family links and it is a place close to their hearts. Sentiment is always a wonderful way to choose a location.

Onto their day itself which of course was stunning. They were married outdoors beneath a tree, with a heartfelt personalised ceremony (I love the idea of adding wedding speeches here!). Then they partied alfresco with views of the stunning vines. I love their boho style, complete with dried wedding flowers in yellow and purple as well as their outfits.

Annie wore a stunning bohemian style dress teamed with a flower crown, while Will went for a relaxed chino and shirt combo. I love how they spent the evening before their day together, this is what I chose to do too with my husband. I hope their choice inspires you to rethink which wedding traditions matter to you.

Laura Mazzello Photography, thank you so much for sharing with us these mesmerising images of Annie and Will’s Binifadet wedding.

Binifadet Wedding

The Proposal

After 5 years together where we both worked away a lot, 2020 brought 5 months of lockdown that meant we had more time in the same house than ever before – it was a challenge. However, it brought us closer than ever, and it confirmed that this was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

On 30th September 2020, I took Will away to The North Star Club, Sancton. I had asked my friend La to go there earlier to leave my guitar and a scrapbook I had made there. She went above and beyond with candles, champagne, petals- it was stunning.

When we arrived, I asked Will to sit on the bed where he saw the book. This was a present I had given him 3 years before, but I had added some extras. On each page I had added a song and, as he got to the last page, I picked up my guitar and sang a song I had written for him.

The final line was ‘Will, there is something I would like to ask you tonight…’ where I got down on one knee and proposed. My friend’s mum is a jeweller and she had made us a set of engagement rings (I wanted one too!).

The Vision

Marriage wasn’t something we had talked much about but we knew that we didn’t want something huge.

We were set on 40 people and Menorca had always been somewhere we had joked about getting married. My parents first visited the island for their honeymoon 45 years ago and so it has a special place in our hearts.

The Venue

My parents own an apartment in Menorca and nearby there is an amazing winery, Binifadet, which we had joked about as a wedding venue in the past.

A few years ago Will’s mum visited and came home saying ‘wouldn’t that be a lovely place to get married’. After I proposed, Will called his mum and said ‘You better book your flights to Binifadet, we are getting married‘.

Your Outfits

We are vegan and so the first thing I did when looking for a dress was to google ‘vegan, eco-friendly’ wedding dresses. Two shops came up – one was Rolling in Roses, in 45 minutes from my house.

I went to have a look with my Mum, and I had in my head that I wanted a skirt and top but I tried on a few different things for variety. The skirts and tops were nice but as soon as I put the Sweetclover dress on I felt like a princess. It was perfect and my mum started crying so I knew it was a winner!

I wore Menorcan sandals, custom-made in Rose Gold (Avarcas) and a colourful dried flower headdress by the amazing Jordi Ferran. Joy, who made our engagement rings made me some gold half-moon stud earrings and a silver anklet, which she also made for all my bridesmaids.

I wore two gold necklaces – one with a small diamond left to me by my Nan and a chain that belonged to my Gran – so that they were both with me on the day.

Will isn’t a suit man – they make him uncomfortable, which is not something you want on your wedding day. He went for dark green chinos, a white linen shirt, green braces, and white canvas shoes.

In his back pocket he had a lilac and white neckerchief, as a tribute to his late family dog who wore one every day.

The Ceremony & Music

As we had our legal marriage in the UK we were able to get very creative with the ceremony. I work in theatre, so we were lucky to also have a wedding party filled with talent.

My sister led the ceremony which was so special and personal, she captivated everyone with anecdotes, jokes and a beautiful homage to those who are no longer with us. The ceremony started with two of my bridesmaids singing Disney’s ‘Happily Ever After’ as I walked down the aisle

We also had some of the speeches within our ceremony rather than at dinner. Will’s Mum kicked these off with a hilarious and gorgeous speech, our friend Alice then read some passages from Harry Potter (our favourite), my parents did a bonkers and beautiful speech together, our Menorcan friend performed a stunning local song about love that had everyone in floods, and bridesmaid Laura read a poem she had written.

Will and I also wrote vows and read these (through a lot of tears!) Our bridesmaids then sang the second half of ‘Happily Ever After’ as we left the ceremony as husband and wife.

Your Photographer

We had the amazing Laura Mazzello as our photographer, who is local to the island.

The Styling & Decor

The winery included flowers and décor in their package which was brilliant.

We chose purple, green and champagne as a theme for our colours which we used on our website, signage including a homemade ‘order of the day’ painted on a wood pallet. The flowers used the purple theme and included sunflowers, my favourites.

The Honeymoon

We had a mini-moon in Barcelona after the wedding and then our honeymoon in Disney Florida in January 2022.

Memorable Moments

We wanted to ensure the guests experienced the whole vineyard and so we planned a pre-dinner treasure hunt. They were given maps and followed these to different stops around the grounds. Each stop had a task to complete including a mini-golf station (Will works in golf) and a dressing-up box to represent Annie’s work in the theatre.

The final stop was a tree of keys, guests chose a key to open the treasure chest – whoever picked the right key won! Everyone got treasure though in the form of our favours – homemade essential oil rollerball scents.

Advice For Other Couples

Two things that I would definitely suggest doing on the morning of the wedding:

Will and I stayed with each other the night before (against tradition we know) and we went for a walk together as the sun rose on our wedding day. This was the perfect way to just have a moment the two of us.
My sister told me to do some exercise on the morning of the wedding so one of my bridesmaids and I went to the gym for a quick run. It really helped me release some adrenalin and stay calm.

How very special, wow!

Annie and Will I can’t thank you both enough for sharing with us your beautiful Binifadet wedding story.

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