Beautiful Italian Wedding Ideas in Blue & Yellow Tones

Ever wished you could have a wedding in Italy, but just aren’t able to do it? Well, these Italian wedding ideas are here to inspire you to bring Italy to the UK.

Sent over by Paige Mary Photography and Celebrating Love by Lucia Penman, you are sure to adore this beautiful inspiration in blue and yellow. From the detailed stationery to the calligraphy lemon place names and the modern cake, there really is so much to be inspired by.

WWW wedding supplier The Prop Library provided stunning furniture which is brilliant to see, accentuated by remarkable florals. Finally, those bridal looks, wow, super gorgeous!

Italian Wedding Ideas

Have you ever dreamed of walking down the white aisle on the Amalfi Coast while being serenaded by the harmonious sound of a string quartet? Surrounded by loved ones, basking in the glimmer of the sun, to later sip limoncello under the starry skies of the Italian Riviera?

It all may seem like a distant fantasy, but with destination weddings consistently becoming more desirable (25% of UK couples plan a wedding abroad). There is vastly growing realisation that the magic of the Italian coastline can be transported to your doorstep here in England. Forget Portofino and bring the Italian Riviera from the coast to the UK countryside.

On a pleasant Spring afternoon in the month of May, an assemblage of highly talented wedding vendors teamed together to bring this Mediterranean vision to life, in no other than the Surrey Hills.

Barnett Hill is a mesmerising 4-star hotel located in Guildford, southern England. The surroundings of the century-old manor are enriched with rural charm, as the ‘gingerbread-brick palace’ is veiled by a winding tree-lined entrance.

The luxury cottages and boutique bedrooms are encompassed by enchanting woodland views. Its contemporary design makes the fitting canvas for a themed decor, which allowed the work of over 20 contributors to truly shine in all their glory.

The team effort resulted in a romantic and authentic wedding showcase which beautifully captured the charm of a destination-inspired nuptial celebration.

As creatives and suppliers of the wedding industry, we wholeheartedly believe that a wedding can be so much more beyond the traditional viewpoint. With the injection of colour and originality, an elegant and stylish event is nevertheless highly achievable.

A wedding in the setting of the Italian Riviera will stop you in your tracks: the breathtaking sea view and the whitewashed villas overlooking the picturesque villages and seaside towns. Albeit this mental image cannot be tainted, a European getaway isn’t always obtainable for UK based couples. With a touch of creative flair, you can cultivate an unforgettable wedding which speaks volumes in years to come. So take this as your sign!

We encourage you to go against the grain and challenge the conventional wedding day by embracing cultural characteristics and stylistic differences. You might just surprise yourself with the outcome!

Absolutely sublime!

Thanks ever so much to the fantastically talented team below, for sharing with us these immense Italian wedding ideas!

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