Anchal and Neel’s Platinum Love Story

Anchal and Neel’s love story got to an unconventional start when Neel, after spotting Anchal’s profile on a matrimonial site, connected with her on Facebook. And, after months of endless conversations, the couple realized they shared the same values and perspectives – and their relationship blossomed despite the miles between them.

As a tech professional in the finance industry, US-based Neel had a tough time during the pandemic as his employment contract wasn’t renewed despite his stellar performance. Unemployed during this tumultuous and uncertain time, Anchal was his source of unending support. Neel shares, “At first, of course, there was a sense of trepidation and chaos. Finding a job during such a phase was a colossal task that weighed heavy on my mind. Plus, I was not only uncertain about my career but also about my relationship. Anchal and I were slated to have an arranged cum love marriage which also meant that our parents and close relatives would have an active role. And, an unemployed partner is, most certainly, not a desirable one in their eyes.

However, Anchal didn’t back down even for a second and stood by me – tall and steadfast! When I broke the news to her, all she said was, ‘We’ll get through this together. Tell me how I can help you?’ These words were all that I needed! Yes, the following months were dark and long as I navigated through multiple interviews, considered moving cities, and coped with a changing environment. But during that time, Anchal was my ray of sunshine as she kept urging me to take on new opportunities and pitch the best of myself. Her steadfast belief in my abilities gave me the confidence to take on new challenges and approach big corporations. And finally, after two months of thorough searching, interviews, and late-night motivational calls with Anchal, I found a role at a bigger bank, that too in New York City – a place where I’d always dreamed of working.”

Anchal credits Neel for ensuring she explores newer horizons and stays inspired. Anchal shares, “As a fashion influencer, staying self-motivated is the key to success. We all go through good and bad times. And, when I’m at my best, Neel has been the loudest cheerleader as he shares my work with everyone and on the days when the going gets tough, he’s my biggest strength. In my line of work, one has to be a master of many trades, like, marketing, social media logistics, and public relations, to name a few. Needless to say, having fashion chops isn’t enough. The income also fluctuates, as some months can be jam-packed with opportunities while others can be too quiet. And it is during this difficult phase, that Neel keeps me inspired!

As a person with absolutely no interest in fashion, he took an active interest in it seeing how much I love it. While I can sometimes feel dejected and give up on brainstorming ideas, he is the one who keeps bringing new ideas to the table by researching the latest trends while balancing his own work. Be it sharing interesting reels, and filters to inspirational looks – he does it all! It’s very easy to advise someone to move on to something else when the odds are against them, but it takes a lot of love to keep that person motivated and share their burden. For me, Neel is the only person who urged me to keep chasing my dreams even when the journey was riddled with obstacles. Instead of showing me the advantages of a nine-to-five job like others did, he encouraged me to hone my creativity so that I could get better at what I loved doing! Even now, as I’m in the process of moving to the United States, Neel has come up with ideas on what I can do over there to up my game as an influencer in a totally new market!”

As the couple gears up to start a new life in a foreign country, they reach out to each other unhesitantly for support and are grateful for the love they share. The couple says, “ We’ve come to realise that as long as we’re together, we can endure the toughest challenges. Living abroad as a married couple without being surrounded by family and friends will undoubtedly be difficult. But, as they say, home is where the heart is. And, as long as we have each other to come home to, we’ll keep moving forward!”

Spurring each other to step out of their comfort zones and giving wings to each other dreams, Anchal and Neel #CommitToLove each day. Symbolising their rare love are Platinum Love Bands. Crafted with 95% pure platinum – one of the strongest metals on the planet that maintains its shape even after years of wear.

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