An all-day Bachelorette bash – This wedding planner bride was surprised by her whole team!

A dreamy pre-wedding travel plan with your girl gang is undoubtedly on every bride’s to-do list, but a busy work and wedding planning schedule often runs it off the plate! For her best friend, Co-Founder, and bride-to-be Shikha, WeddingSutra Favorite – Baraati Inc’s Shweta Acharya found the perfect solution to the time crunch. Planning a surprise bachelorette bash with her favorite things, the entire Baraati Inc whisked the bride off to Chhatarpur for a whole day of merriment.

Hosted in an idyllic private farmhouse, the no-holds-barred celebration was packed to the brim with back-to-back festivities. The minimal decor with earthy elements such as dried palms and vintage candle stands included votives that added a subtle rustic charm to the lush green canvas of the space.

The celebrations kicked off with a fun pool party for everyone to unwind and settle in after the drive. Shikha and her gang had a gala time in trendy resort wear cooling off by the pool and relaxing with spa treatments and pool games like “sing-or-swim”. Being a non-drinker, the bride was indulged with delectable versions of her go-to beverages – coffee and orange juice, along with her comfort foods like scrumptious sliders, jalapeno poppers, mini pancakes, waffles, coffees, and french fries.

The lively shindig transitioned into a classic bridal shower with a romantic pastel dress code, champagne, and elegant charcuterie trays. Shikha and her girl gang had the time of their lives creating reels and posing for a conceptualized photoshoot while the boys enjoyed a game of Donut slinging before moving on to the third installment of the festivities – the Send-off Dinner. Driven by the unbridled love of her friends, the formal candlelight dinner was a rollercoaster of emotions with toasts by the girls and roasts by the boys. Shikha and her gang ended the dinner by releasing Chinese lanterns into the night sky, each of which carried a heartfelt wish for her happy married life.

The evening revved up with White Party, for which Shikha wore an adorable ruffled outfit by Emblaze. Shikha was blown away with the final surprise of having her fiancee join the party as everyone enjoyed fine cocktails and grooved to the beats of the in-house DJ, partying late into the night!

Location: Chhatarpur
Event Planner: Baraati Inc
Bar: Elixr Bar Solutions
DJ: DJ Chetan Kapoor
Photography and Videography: Camlition Productions

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