Amazing Couple Poses to try out this wedding season 

A wedding for a couple is a dream come true. You want to cherish every moment and preserve every memory with you forever, and that is relieving every time you go through those pictures, be it pre-wedding or main wedding pictures. That makes us wonder, what could be the best couple poses to showcase the eternal love they behold. It’s easy to stand beside and say cheese but what would happen if you tilt your head towards your partner a little more and look out for some beautiful wedding pictures that are a must-try?

The First Look!

Gone are the days when you had to wait till varmala to have a glimpse of your better half. Now those heartbeats await the moment of first look to see their partner. That excitement flows while the couple faces opposite, keen to turn back just for that one face that looks prettiest on their D-Day.

Photography: Daas Films

    Photography: Dipak Studios 

Varmala for the winners

No one can understand the varmala more than a couple who had to convince their parents to their marriage, and the arranged couples already know how much they’ve waited for their soulmate. Hence this moment of var mala is filled with millions of emotions, a sense of achievement that is necessary to capture in your wedding. Be it a romantic knee bend or mischievous games, capture this moment with your partner in your way.

Photography: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Forehead Kisses for the Life

Forehead Kisses being pure and precious are counted on the top in the list of physical languages of love, so why not consider this gesture when posing for your wedding pictures? This beautiful pose not just makes a great click but also can be the ultimate masterpiece to beautify your room wall.

Inframe: Katrina Kaif

Photography: Stories by Joseph Radhik

Hand in Hand: Love in Love

When looking for priceless pictures, pick a classic hand-holding gesture that simplifies the meaning of together in its way. This not just gives you aesthetic vibes but also conveys the eternal bond. So go and hold hands while smiling through the fingers.

Photography: Studio RDP

Jhanjhar for your Sunshine

Let’s please contribute a moment to our Punjabi families for bringing this beautiful pose to light. Groom bends for his first lady to tie tingling jhanjhars around her feet, while his queen exercises her sweet authority and promises her love for him. What else do we need for life? 

Iconic Pair

This one picture we feel radiates the energy of a journey that you both are going to cover, with love and happiness. Words fall short when the beautiful pair comes together for once, to stay forever facing all the ups and downs. This pose is classic and iconic for every couple that portrays the upcoming life.

In frame: Apurva and Frina

Photography: J Nandha Safarsaga Films

Candid Moments 

Last but not the least, your candid moments can’t be surpassed by any other couple pose. Moments, where you’re blushing and smiling are the best ones that can give you photographs of a lifetime, while you try to sneak in some moments candidly with love. 

photography: Storiesbyjosephradhik

They say it’s difficult to choose a partner and even more difficult to handle the relationship, and marriage is a bridge that connects both realms. Which is why we hold on to these moments via pictures. Be it any pose whether a forehead kiss or an iconic pair, make sure to smile, for this journey and beyond! 

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