A Wedding Audio Guest Book – The Most Unique Guest Book Idea

What’s better than a visual guest book? An audio wedding guest book of course!

Yep, you heard it right, CALLEO is transforming wedding guest books up and down the UK with their ingenious telephone message recording for events.

If you’re fed up with looking for guest book ideas and alternatives that guests just haven’t seen before. This is the perfect option for you! Let’s find out more about this inventive and totally unique way of recording guest messages, shall we?


Original & Cool Audio Wedding Guest Book Idea

Collecting lasting and timeless messages of love, humour, and a little bit of mischief with CALLEO is going to evoke memories that just can’t be captured by hand. Imagine sitting back on your wedding anniversary in 1, 5 or 10 years’ time and being able to hear the emotion and voices of those you love on your wedding day.

Why Go Audio Over Visual?

A written guest book just isn’t going to capture that special moment, the sounds and the atmosphere behind your guest’s heartfelt words. You’ll be sure to giggle and well up over embarrassing stories, grandad’s sentimental words or your oldest school pals having a sing-song. 

No boring, personality-limiting paper guest books in sight. Instead, you’ll treasure those spoken words left for you to enjoy in years to come. Plus! There is always a risk of a guest book getting damaged or lost, but with CALLEO messages can be stored safely and securely online!


How Does An Audio Guest Book Work?

A CALLEO audio guest book is an achingly cool vintage-look telephone that can digitally record messages from your wedding guests to keep forever.


Step-By-Step Guide

Hiring a CALLEO audio guest book for your wedding is oh-so-easy:

A vintage-style telephone of your chosen style of colour to fit your theme is delivered a few days before your wedding.
No wifi or landline is necessary, all you need to do is plug it in.
On the day, guests simply pick up the handset, listen to a greeting message you’ve prerecorded and wait for the beep.
And leave you a special message the same way they would a voicemail.
Plus there’s no limit to how many messages guests can leave throughout the day or night!
CALLEO collect the phone from your doorstep.
After your wedding, CALLEO collates all messages into your audio guest book. As well as editing and reviewing them.
It will then be delivered to you as an MP3 and private YouTube video!


What Colour Phones Are There?

There are multiple colour options for your phone guest book:

And even custom designs are available for an extra fee!


How To Display An Audio Guest Book?

On the wedding day itself, create a visual treat with a special guest book table. You can have a sign detailing instructions as well as pretty decor to enhance your telephone.

After the wedding, your audio guest book can be presented in many ways such as an engraved USB, audio photo frame or even a vinyl record. How cool is that?

A USB could be kept in a special wedding memory box. An audio frame can be displayed somewhere special in your home. While a vinyl record can be kept in a special collection ready to play on anniversaries or on special occasions. So lovely.


Do Other Couples Love Their Audio Guest Book?

CALLEO are the most trusted audio guest book provider with one of the highest Google review ratings in the UK. Let’s take a look at some of the lovely feedback and a special story from one of their couples.

CALLEO are particularly proud of a client’s story they shared, Corrine and Greg. Who sadly lost their Grandfather just a few days after their wedding day. Thanks to the audio message left on their telephone guest book, they now get to hear his voice for the rest of their lives. It really doesn’t get any more important than that.


Google Review By Emily

The audio guest book was such a great alternative to the usual signing options. Our family and friends absolutely loved leaving messages and we loved listening to them all back! It’s a great way to hear some funny drunken stories and some sober heartfelt messages.

The staff at Calleo are amazing, they were able to add in some messages from our elderly family members who were unable to make it and edit out those karaoke messages! Would absolutely recommend this to everyone!




Google Review By Chelsea

This was one of the final pieces in the puzzle for our wedding. We just couldn’t decide on what to have as a guestbook, we wanted something we’d actually revisit or use…Jenga or a puzzle wasn’t quite cutting it. I saw someone in the US talking about an audio guestbook. I was sold!

After comparing services and prices I decided to go with Calleo! Their service is fantastic. They prompted us to record our greeting message and the phone was sent out with plenty of time ahead of our wedding day. We absolutely loved listening back to the messages, you can certainly hear the progression of the day as people find their way to the bar!

This is the perfect way of preserving another element of the day and we love having the recordings of some loved ones who may not be with us for much longer, knowing we can listen back is so lovely.


How Much Does An Audio Guest Book Cost?

CALLEO‘s wedding audio guest books come in three simple packages with varying extras and cool features. Prices start at £299 for their classic package which is packed with cool features. Plus even their classic package gets your messages to you within 21 working days. Wow!


How To Book In My Guest Book?

To ensure your wedding date is available to book CALLEO‘s telephones, simply head to calleo-uk.com and complete their enquiry form or email bookings@calleo-uk.com!


And that’s a wrap! All you need to know about having your very own unique audio wedding guest book. Hooray!

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