A Luxurious Multicultural Chateau Wedding

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From Photographer’s POV:
I had the honor of photographing Winnie and Zach’s Elegant Park Chateau Wedding in East Brunswick, NJ. Their dreamy wedding day was filled with joy, and so many gorgeous details and memorable moments. New Jersey is home to several elegant and high end wedding venues. Park Chateau Estate and Gardens is at the top of that list with their stunning event spaces and romantic elegance infused throughout. It is the perfect venue for a classic and timeless wedding day celebration. Several amazing wedding vendors had a part in Winnie and Zach’s beautiful wedding day! Brooke of AMV Weddings did a fantastic job planning their special day and bringing their vision for the day to life! They make it a priority to customize every wedding experience for each couple to have the wedding of their dreams! I was blown away by all the details and how carefully orchestrated Winnie and Zach’s wedding day was. Everything flowed seamlessly. To capture their amazing wedding detail shots, I worked with my friend, Joanna of Hazel Dust Studios to style the flat lays! She does amazing work at styling wedding details to elevate the overall look and aesthetic. I highly recommend to all my brides to hire a stylist like Hazel Dust Studios for a more polished, higher-end, and GORGEOUS detail layout. The bride wore a stunning wedding dress with lace sleeves and collar details. She looked positively radiant! I am pretty sure her father agreed judging by his reaction during their first look in the bridal suite. Pedestal Floral Decorators went above and beyond in the floral design! From the beautiful arrangements in the bouquets to the classic look of flower arrangements decorating the grand staircase, the eye-catching floral arch at the wedding ceremony, to the dreamy and romantic flower arrangement found in the center of each table at the reception and draping the front of the couple’s sweetheart table. Their work is impeccable with an eye for design, a passion for creativity, and a commitment to provide the best service and florals. Winnie and Zach had a gorgeous color pallet for their wedding that included neutral tones of white, peach, and pops of dusty blue. The way the colors were intertwined throughout their wedding and were brought to life with the floral displays was breathtaking! During their elegant celebration at their reception, the couple performed a very regal choreographed first dance set to orchestral music unlike any first dance I’ve ever seen. It was mesmerizing to watch. They practiced their dance one during cocktail hour prior to the beginning of the reception, and when it came time to perform it went flawlessly. Photographer: Amber Dawn Photography https://amber-dawn. Com/
Venue: Park Chateau https://www. Parkchateau. Com/
Planner: AMV Weddings www. Amvweddings. Com
Florist: Pedestal Floral Decorators https://www. Pedestalsflorist. Com/
Invitations: Patrice Paper https://patricepapier. Com/
Hair: Hair by Kristen (Corinne)
Makeup: Almari Beauty https://www. Instagram. Com/almari. Beauty/
Flat Lay Styling: Hazel Dust Studio https://www. Hazeldust. Com/

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