86 Wow-Factor Wedding Backdrop Ideas To Make A Statement

Photo: Kim Williams Weddings via Bright Barn Wedding


Whether your backdrop is set to be for a photo booth, jazzing up your dance floor, or used as a pretty setting for the top table. A wedding backdrop adds extra drama to your big day.

There are a plethora of wedding backdrop ideas around, most are floral extravaganzas. Real flowers can be expensive so you may want something a little out-of-the-ordinary for your day. This is why I’ve put together this ultimate backdrop guide.

What Is A Wedding Backdrop?

First things first, what is a wedding backdrop? A wedding backdrop is a visual decoration used behind key parts of a wedding day. For example, a backdrop could be set up for:

Top of the aisle
Top table
Photo booth
Dance floor
Cake table
Portrait photos

Typically backdrops take inspiration from a wedding’s existing theme or colour scheme. One can be made from a variety of materials such as:

Paper decor
Props or furniture

Unique Wedding Backdrop Inspiration

Not only are you going to discover the prettiest of wedding flower arches here today. But you will discover great DIY backdrop ideas that are achievable and affordable.

A backdrop is a great way to elevate your wedding decor. As well as add interest to your wedding photos and hide any unsightly areas. Whether you are looking for inspiration to buy, hire or make your own backdrop, you’ll be certain to come away with tons of ideas.

Plus I will be sharing my top tips and advice to help you nail your wedding decorations! Ready? Let’s dive in.

1. Moon Gate Hoop

One of the most popular flower backdrops of recent years has to be the epic flower moon gate hoop. Does it get any more whimsical and romantic?

Photo: Chloe Lee Photography via Bright Camp Festival Wedding


2. Macrame Hanging

Macrame is one of the go-to elements for a boho wedding style. Learn how to make your own using Youtube tutorials, or buy one to hang at your wedding.

Photo: Jo Bradbury via Botanical Macrame Glass House Wedding Ideas


3. Balloon Installation

Balloons are always a great option for a cheap yet impactful decor idea. DIY yours with a balloon kit or hire a professional balloon artist to create your backdrop of dreams.

Photo: Katherine Ashdown Photography via Barnston Lodge Wedding


4. Wallpaper Wall

Using unconventional materials such as wallpaper is ingenious. Wallpaper can be picked up inexpensively, in an array of colours and patters. Then simply paste onto a wooden board and you are ready to go.

Photo: Laura Martha Photography via 1970s Retro Wedding Ideas


5. Neon Light

Neon lights make for the ideal backdrop to rent. Renting wedding items is not only better for the environment but can be a cash saving idea.

Photo: Stevie Jay Photography via 92 Burton Road Wedding


6. Dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers are a really lovely way to create a background to your ceremony. Add to a frame with trailing lace tendrils for a romantic style.

Photo: Siobhan Stewart Photography via Greenhouse Wedding Ideas


7. Curtains

Pick up some old curtains or find a cheap pair (tulle and lace work well). Then hang from a frame and embellish with foraged greenery for a low-key yet beautiful option.

Photo: Kerry Diamond Photography via Boho Greenery Barn Wedding


8. Wire Pillars

Think about adding different heights to your backdrop with pillar stands with swoon-worth flowers.

Photo: Laura Martha Photography via 1970s Retro Wedding Ideas


9. Greenery & Pea Lights

Soft and romantic, a fairy light curtain with greenery is sure to set the tone to any top table.

Photo: Ceranna Photography via Barra Castle Wedding


10. Flower Wall

Flower walls are a great option for a backdrop. Not only do they look pretty, but they can be made from artificial flowers. That means they are readily available to rent, but they can also be stored for longer.

You could make your own using paper, felt or even silk flowers.

Image by Sara Reeve | Whimsical Boho Glamour Pink Blue & Gold Wedding


11. Gold Frames

Scour charity shops and car boot sales for old frames and upcycle. Add to a wooden divider for a really quicky decor piece.

Photo: Megan Morales Photography via Halloween Wedding Ideas


12. Candlelight

Utilise candles for a cost-effective and atmospheric style at a rustic winter wedding.

Photo: Hayley Baxter Photography via Winter Wonderland Rustic Wedding


13. Painted Triangle

Handy with wood or know someone who is? Craft a wooden triangle and get creative with paint.

Photo: Indigo and Violet Photography via Autumn Festival Wedding Ideas


14. Blossom Trees

Artificial blossom trees area readily available to hire and work so well at Spring nuptials.

Photo: Thyme Lane Photography via Barn Wedding Ideas


15. Paper Pinwheels

Mark a date in your calendar for a pre-wedding crafting party. Rope in your faves to make paper pinwheels to hang.

Photo: Beard and Mane via DIY Boho Wedding


16. Mini Balloons & Flowers

Merge mini balloons with flowers in rainbow brights for a very fun wedding table look.

Photo: Babb Photo via Trinity Booy Wharf Wedding


17. Pampas Grass & Greenery

Pampas grass is a big favourite of couples and mixed with greenery creates a very modern feel.

Photo: Me and Georgia Photography via Crete Destination Wedding


18. Tropical

Tropical vibes with palms and painted leaves will leave guests spellbound.

Photo:  Moana Photography via Tropical Industrial Wedding Ideas


19. Gold Hoop

Spray paint a hoop gold and add a few springs of greenery. Simple, cheap and oh-so effective.

Photo: Amy Lou Photography via York Minster Wedding


20. Chandelier

Woodland weddings can be glamorous. Add a chandelier to your flower arch for a luxe meets rustic vibe.

Photo: Taylor Parker Photography via Garden Wedding North Carolina


21. Wooden Hexagon

Hexagons are a level-up from the simple circle and decorated with flowers can look stunning!

Photo: Wildflower Photo Co. via California Ranch Wedding


22. Cresent Moon

Celestial weddings are having a moment and its easy to see why. Opt for gold moons and stars to decorate your out-of-this-world celebration.

Photo: Becky Harley Photography via Celestial Wedding Ideas


23. Bespoke Furniture

Bespoke wooden pieces such as this could be crafted by a joiner. This backdrop would look amazing in a garden post-wedding too.

Photo: Victoria Somerset-How Photography via Hadsham Farm Wedding


24. Drapes

Head to your local haberdashery and stock up on fabric galore for a vintage theatre style.

Photo: Emily + Katy Photography via Creative Village Hall Wedding


25. Triangle Moon

If a solo moon backdrop is too much, then add a smaller one to a triangle wooden frame.

Photo: Gina Fernandes Photography via Navy Gold Wedding Ideas


26. Quirky Frame

Design your own wooden frame with a unique shape. Step aside rectangles, circles and triangles, the limits are endless.

Photo: Leesha Williams Photography via Balloon Wedding Ideas


27. Flower Arch

Drape your doorway with a dramatic flower arch. A flower arch can set you back from £400 £800+ if hiring a florist so do set aside an ample budget if this is your dream backdrop.

Photo: Rachael Connerton Photography via Floral Wedding


28. Mural Hanging

Search for fabric or paper murals you can buy online to create a bespoke hanging backdrop.

Photo: Tom Halliday Photography via Art Wedding Ideas


29. Flower Moon

Crescent moons can be elevated by using luxe florals. Wow!

Photo: Dani Louise Photography via Midsummer Night’s Dream Wedding


30. Metal Hoop

Buy or hire a metal frame then decorated accordingly. Think fabric, lights, flowers and wooden pallets.

Photo: The Backyard Studios via Philippines Wedding


31. Greenery Wall

If flowers aren’t your thing, how about a greenery wall instead?

Photo: Terri Pashley Photography via Jungle Wedding Ideas


32. Rustic Woodland

Take inspiration from your location such as the woods. Think about using muted neutrals and materials such as log stumps.

Photo: Amy Cutliffe Photography via Sage Green Wedding Ideas


33. Disco Streamers

Create a statement streamer backdrop perfect for dancefloors, or buy one from a pro. Guests will be posing all night long that’s for sure.

Photo: Lex Fleming Photo via Disco Wedding Ideas


34. Sequin Fabric

Amp up your fabric choice by choosing glitter or sequins for draping.

Photo: Gina Fernandes Photography via 1920s Wedding Ideas


35. Balloons & More

Go all-out with a moon, balloons, flowers and neon sign. A style like this could be more time-consuming and cost more but aren’t the results just stunning?

Photo: Photography By Petrina via Moon Wedding Ideas


36. Balloon Hoop

Ombre balloons arranged in a moon gate will look wonderful at the end of your aisle.

Photo: Clare Smith Photography via Blue Spring Wedding


37. Geometric Shapes

Cut out wooden geometric shapes, paint then hang from a frame for a bold idea.

Photo: Kitty Wheeler Shaw via Northease Manor Wedding


38. White Horseshoe

White weddings can be elevated with an all-white flower hoop like this.

Photo: LJ Horton Photography via Scotland Barn Wedding


39. Kitsch Dreams

All the drama with this pinwheel, streamer, flower and neon sign multicolour arch.

Photo: Teddy Pig Photography via Yoghurt Rooms Wedding


40. Gold Diamond

Paint your backdrop frame gold and hang a meaningful light up sign in the centre for an elegant vibe.

Photo: Opperhill Photography via Terracotta Wedding Ideas


41. Bright Blooms

Bright blooms teamed with greenery can make for a really stunning ceremony arch.

Photo: Emma Lawson via Glen Dye Wedding


42. Sunflowers & Festoons

Happy sunflowers teamed with pretty festoon lights will really make for a special aisle.

Photo: Lily Sawyer Photography via Athelington Hall Wedding


43. Pleats

Take fabric to the next level by pleating it and creating a dramatic textured pattern.

Photo: Camilla Andrea Photography via Modern Pink Wedding


44. Sunbursts

Think about the floor decor too! Adding wooden sunbursts, flower arrangements and rugs will really lift a backdrop to make it extraordinary.

Photo: Rebecca Carpenter Photography via Boho Beach Elopement


45. Cut-Out Photo Booth Frame

Create your own photo booth cut-out frame from card or wood. Then guests will be sure to strike a pose for your wedding guest book.

Photo: Captured by Katrina via Cotswold Marquee Wedding


46. Acrylic Sign

Cut to size clear acrylic and paint or stick letters to create a chic backdrop to your dessert table.

Photo: Danielle Smith Photography via Compton Verney Wedding


47. Cosy Seating Area

Cosy seating areas can create a striking backdrop to your outdoor space especially when lit up at night.

Photo: Emily Tyler Photography via Upthorpe Wood Wedding


48. Ribbons & Pinwheels

Hang colourful ribbons and pinwheels for an effective and fun style.

Photo: Kim Williams Weddings via Bright Barn Wedding


49. Origami Cranes

Fold paper origami paper cranes and hang from fishing wire for a really gorgeous backdrop.

Photo: Anna Pumer Photography via Hookhouse Farm Wedding


50. Painted Rectangles

Using sheets of painted wooden panels and arrange them artfully for a really modern backdrop to your photos.

Photo: Michelle Huggleston Photography via Rainbow Wedding Ideas


51. Paper Pom Poms

Making paper pom poms is simple and these fluffy decorations make for a whimsical background to photo booths.

Photo: Mark O’Brien via Morden Hall Wedding


52. Half Flowers Half Fabric

If your budget doesn’t stretch to a full flower arch, use fabric one one side to reduce costs.

Photo: Golden Vibes Photo via Magical Fairytale Wedding Ideas


53. Wildflower Wall

Wild flower walls make for a natural backdrop that’s effortlessly beautiful.

Photo: Rick Liston Photography via Stones Of The Yarra Valley Wedding


54. Branches & Flowers

Rather than use wood, use branches for a nature-inspired archway.

Photo: Tom Jeavons Photography via Woods Wedding


55. Retro Sunburst

Use cut-out shapes and make a piece of art for your wedding decor. Be sure to reuse at home or sell on after the big day.

Photo: Golden Hare Wedding Photography via Rust Wedding Inspiration


56. Naked Tipi

Having a tipi wedding? Why not make a naked tipi with branches and flowers?

Photo: Roshni Photography via Boho Wedding Ideas


57. Curved Backdrop

Curved dividers painted in your chosen colours will really look amazing. Take them from ceremony to reception to maximise their air time.

Photo: L’Ordine della Giarrettiera via Villa Del Grumello Wedding


58. Copper Circle Wall

Ask your venue if you can use a stick-on vinyl sheet on their wall or hang a paper backdrop.

Photo: Josipa Weddings via Croatia Wedding Inspiration


59. Fairy Light Tunnel

Immersive and magical, fairy light tunnels create such a romantic atmosphere.

Photo: Sharron Gibson via Barn Wedding Lights


60. Personalised Photo Booth Backdrop

Budding artist? How about painting a custom photo booth fairground-style backdrop?

Photo: Adam and Grace via Tullyveery House Wedding


61. Suspended Neon

Lift your wedding sign above you for a wow-factor decor statement on the dancefloor.

Photo: Hannah Brooke Photography via Blush Wedding Ideas


62. Palm Leaves

Bend two large palms to form a natural architectural archway for your ceremony.

Photo: Sofia Balli via Whimsical Tuscany Wedding


63. Hanging Greenery

Build a wooden arch and hang strands of greenery from it. You could also use artificial foliage to make it easy to make and store in advance.

Photo: Nicole Miro Photography LLC via Wisconsin Micro Wedding


64. Hanging Flower Stems

Take single flower stems and hang them. This uses fewer flowers which is more cost-effective but also looks really pretty.

Photo: Fly On The Wall Photography via Sheffield Manor Lodge Wedding


65. Wooden Mountains

Planning a themed wedding? This couple had a hiking wedding and crafted wooden mountains for their backdrop.

Photo: Lorena Erre via Mountain Wedding Spain


66. Illustrated Backdrop

Pretty up your photobooth with illustrated art work.

Photo: Angela Ward Brown via Clock Barn Wedding


67. Pastel Honeycomb Balls

Pick up paper decorations including honeycomb balls, pinwheels and pom poms for a multicoloured decor idea.

Photo: Amy Lou Photography via Wylam Brewery Wedding


68. Haybales

Ask a local farmer if you can borrow hay bales, stack them and decorate accordingly.

Photo: Eleanor Jane Weddings via Boho White Green Wedding


69. Wire Grid

Working with a wire grid is easier as it makes attaching flowers or other decor seamless. Plus is has a great industrial feel for warehouse parties.

Photo: Hellen Oliveira via Urban Industrial Luxe Wedding


70. Edison Light Bulbs

Up-level your backdrop with large Edison light bulbs.

Photo: Stevie Jay Photography via Edison Lighting Wedding Ideas


71. Flower Pillars

Flower pillars create a beautifully organic and nature-inspired style.

Photo: Emily & Steve Photography via Countryside Barn Wedding


72. Fairy Light Curtain

Utilise the height of your reception space and take fairy lights all the way up the back wall to amaze guests.

Photo: Margarita Hope Photography via Eden Barn Wedding


73. Paper Hearts

Cut paper hearts from tissue paper and books before stringing together for the sweetest backdrop idea.

Photo Folega Photography via Peach Marquee Wedding


74. Doilies

Use doilies or coffee filters for a textured backdrop style which will look ever so pretty.

Image by Pines Photography | Beautiful Outdoor Surprise Wedding in Southern California


75. Streamer Ceiling

Bring your backdrop onto the ceiling for a cocoon of colour and texture.

Image by Melia Melia | Crafty Creative & Colourful Village Hall Wedding


76. Ribbon Branch

If you are saying I do under a tree, simply hang ribbons from a branch. Does it get any easier?

Image by Paper Angel | Colourful Outdoor Blooms & Ribbons Wedding Ideas


77. Paper Lanterns

Not just to be hung from the ceiling, paper lanterns can be added to a wall as a backdrop too.

Photo: Samantha Gilraine Photography via Colourful DIY Village Hall Wedding


78. Blackboard Sign

Tie in your wedding stationery designs with a blackboard backdrop. They also double up as fab DIY photobooths, so grab that fancy dress box and snap away!

Image by Lydia Stamps | Rustic Bright Autumn Wedding


79. Wooden Ladder

Wooden ladders are a great prop to construct a dramatic arch that can then be decorated.

Image by Roni Rose Photography | Vintage Bohemian Red Barn Wedding in Illinois


80. Tissue Paper Garlands

Tissue paper has a plethora of uses, you could even make fluffy garlands such as these.

Image by Revival Photography | Whimsical Mountain Cabin Wedding in North Carolina


81. Willow Arch

Bendy willow is ideal for arch forming and is perfect for outdoor festival celebrations.

Image by  Lily Sawyer Photography | Crawfest Family Festival Wedding


82. Real Trees

Trees are natures finest backdrop, so why not rent or buy trees to decorate your venue?

Image by Lauren McGlynn Photography | Magical Gold & Burgundy 1930s Inspired Wedding


83. Vintage Doors

Salvage yards can have hidden treasures. Pick up antique doors to create a magical, rustic backdrop.

Image by Jon Turtle |  Quirky Rustic Distressed Doors & A Vintage Piano DIY Wedding in a Dome Marquee


84. Tree Arch

Use what’s already there! Find natural elements at your venue and make that the backdrop to your ceremony or photos.

Image by JD3 Photography | Fresh Misty Montana Wedding Beside the Trees & River


85. Wooden Flowers

You can quite literally make anything from wood such as these quirky wooden flowers which look awesome!

Photo: Claire Gutierrez Photography via Wizard Of Oz Emerald City Wedding Ideas


86. Boho Backdrop

Asymmetrical styles always look more polished. With natural style flowers and fabric hung from a wooden frame, boho beautiful.

Photo: Georgia Rachael via Norfolk Beach Wedding


How Much Does A Wedding Backdrop Cost?

The cost of a wedding backdrop can vary enormously depending on the size, complexity and materials chosen. Flower arches are likely to be the most expensive, between £400-£800+.

Hiring a ready-made backdrop is likely to cost less especially in a package price but you may wish to add flowers or other decor to it. This could cost you £80-£300+.

To make your own backdrop, you are looking at the material cost. Paper is the less expensive option. You can save money by upcycling or finding hidden gems on marketplaces or at charity shops. If making your own backdrop buget between £50-£200+ to cover your essential materials.

How Do I Choose A Wedding Backdrop?

There are so many wedding backdrop options it can be overwhelming to choose a final design. Here are some tips:

Start with your initial wedding theme and mood board.
Look at your top wedding day priorities and ensure they match what you are looking to achieve.
Identify why you’d like a backdrop and where you’d like it located.
Decide on the size, shape and (practical) materials for potential weather conditions.
Ask your venue about limitations.
Next choose your backdrop budget to narrow down your options.
Finally, look through imagery to start designing your final idea.


So there you have it. All the ideas you need to make, hire or buy your dream wedding day backdrop. Plus answers to your most pressing backdrop questions! Hooray.


This feature was originally written by WWW intern Anna and has since been updated by Lou to ensure it’s full of fresh ideas and content to inspire your day.


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