86 Wedding Sign Ideas To Point You In The Right Direction

When it comes to wedding signs, it can be all too overwhelming. But finding your wedding sign idea can be fun and I am going to make sure it is for you here today!

First up, I am going to be sharing my top wedding sign planning tips, as well as must-haves for your signage. Before moving on to all the pretty sign ideas. With sign inspiration for your wedding party and ceremony, to welcome signs, order of the day signs, reception signs and direction signs. Hooray!

 Photo: Emily Little Photography via Retro Wedding Ideas Sign: The Little Craft Box


Wedding Sign Ideas To Point You In The Right Direction

Yes, we all want our wedding signs to look totally and utterly beautiful. But, let’s not forget the practicalities.

If your guests don’t know what’s coming up next in your wedding timeline, don’t know what to do with your photo booth set up or can’t find the loos. Quite frankly your signs are letting you down. So first and foremost, your wedding day signage needs to be informative!

Go through your wedding timeline and do a venue recce. Then take a look at the following points to ensure your wedding sign list is covered:

Is it hard to find your venue and do you need some direction signs on the road?
Do guests know where to park?
Can key facilities be found easily? Toilets/Bar/Seating Area/Dancefloor etc.
Would you like to welcome guests with a sign? It can help them feel secure knowing they are in the right place!
Do you fancy adding personality and your tone of voice?
Are there special words you’d like on display?
Should you need to label certain tables or areas? Cake/Guest Book/Photo Booth/Glitter Bar/Favours/Sparklers etc.
Would you like to enhance your photos or couple portraits?
Do guests know the running order of your day?
Are you reserving seats during the ceremony?
Planning an unplugged ceremony? A sign is a great reminder.
Think about signage to add extra decor or hide unsightly parts in your venue.

Wedding Sign Checklist – Wedding Signs Should Be

Clear, Easy To Read & Understand
Accessible For Guests With Disabilities
Easy To Spot
Safe To Move Around


Once you have your wedding sign list, your top priorities for where they will go and the information you wish to include. Then you can go on to finding styling ideas for your wedding signs. Ready? Great, let’s take a look at some beautiful options for your celebrations.

 Photo: Claire McClean Photography via Cool Wedding Ideas Sign: Gray Starling


Wedding Party Signs

Yes, you and your wedding party can hold or even wear signs! For an extra personality punch and a nod to your fun side.

1. Confetti Person

Nominate your wedding confetti person and kindly ask if they’d like to don a sign.

 Photo: Victoria Mitchell Photography via Milling Barn Wedding Sign: Painted by Katie


2. Shoe Stickers

Pop sweet stickers on your shoes for a flash of wording.

 Photo: Kazooieloki Photography via Twinkly Rustic Winter Wonderland Wedding


3. Couple Shoe Message

Or, how about matching soles of your shoes?

 Photo: Bubear Photography via Farmhouse Redcoats Wedding


4. Bride & Bridesmaid Signs

For those all-important wedding photos with your faves, craft sweet signs.

 Photo: Amber Louise Photography via Whimsical Wonderland Wedding


5. Bride Entrance Wedding Signs

How lovely is this sign idea? Simple and inexpensive it’s such a sweet way for a bride or groom to enter.

 Photo: Potters Instinct Photography via Rustic Homemade Country Tipi Wedding


6. Flower Girl Banner

Treat your flower girl to a keepsake fabric banner.

 Photo: Terri & Lori Photo and Film via Boho Rustic Barn Wedding


7. Page Boy Trailer

Don’t forget the cute page boys. Pimp up their trailer for their special aisle moment.

 Photo: Julia Rose Photography via Soft Blush Sage Green Wedding


Wedding Welcome Signs

Greet guests in style and reassure them that they are indeed at the right place with a wedding welcome sign!

8. Wooden Plank & Greenery

Upcycle some old wooden boards and embellish them with calligraphy script and greenery. A simple and rustic DIY wedding sign idea.

 Photo: Wyldbee Photography via Elford Hall Garden Wedding


9. Chalkboard & Flowers

Simple chalkboards can be spruced up with epic flower arrangements.

 Photo: Thyme Lane Photography via Funfair Festival Wedding


10. Couple Balloons

Use balloons and add words for a fun display.

 Photo: Siobhan Beales Photography via Wick Farm Bath Wedding


11. Watercolour Wedding Sign

Hire a professional wedding stationery designer or grab your paintbrushes for this striking sign idea.

Photo: Brad Gommon Photography via Endeavour Woodland Weddings Sign: Pink Peony Weddings


12. Green & Gold

Green and gold painted on acrylic screams luxe.

 Photo: Jeannine Marie Photography via Floral Minneapolis Wedding


13. Balloon Decor

Add a balloon installation to jazz up your wedding sign.

 Photo: Firewood Film via Fun Colourful Barn Wedding


14. Macrame & Dried Flowers

Boho wedding style? It’s got to be all about the macrame and dried wedding flowers.

 Photo: Eastlyn & Joshua via Tennessee Lake Wedding


15. Clear Perspex & Calligraphy

Pick up cheap clear perspex and make use of your handwriting skills.

 Photo: Olivia Yuen Photo via New Orleans Micro Wedding Sign: PaperandPineCo


16. Funfair

Roll up, roll up and have some fun with a fun fair style sign.

 Photo: Maureen du Preez via South Ayrshire Wedding


17. Planter Wedding Sign

Pop your sign in a planter for a botanical vibe.

 Photo: Adam and Grace via Tullyveery House Wedding


18. Acrylic & Pampas Grass

Embellish your sign with pampas grass for a soft effect.

 Photo: Bárbara Araújo Photography via Dark Green Velvet Wedding


19. Watering Can

Use props you already have, such as a sweet watering can to stand your welcome sign in.

 Photo: Faye Amare Photography via Super Fun Rustic Quirky Barn Wedding


20. Moon Phase

Fun graphics such as a moon phase can look amazing.

 Photo: Limelight Entertainment via Witchy Wedding


21. Laser Cut Letters

Buy laser cut letters and stick to a wooden board for an easy DIY project.

 Photo: Petite Visuals via Mountain Elopement


22. Circle

Think outside of the box when it comes to the shape of your wedding signs.

 Photo: Georgia Rachael via Norfolk Beach Wedding


23. Painted Flowers Wedding Sign

Ask an artist to bring your sign to life with painted flowers.

Photo: Steph Kiely Photography via Orange Blue Wedding Sign: White Cottage Weddings


24. Celestial

Take inspiration from the night sky with a moon wedding sign.

 Photo: Christine Third Wheeling via Celestial Wedding Ideas Sign: The Elysian Styling Co.


25. Floral Blackboard

Team lettering with florals on a blackboard for a pretty style.

 Photo: Lucie Hamilton Photography via Rock Village Hall Wedding Sign: Peach Wolfe


Wedding Ceremony Signs

Sharing with guests key details about your ceremony is really important. Or set the tone of the day right away tongue-in-cheek wedding wording.

26. OSB

Take alternative materials such as OSB to make your DIY wedding signs.

 Photo: Georgia Rachael via Fishley Hall Wedding


27. Reserved Tags

Reserve your front row for your VIPS with sweet wedding chair tags.

 Photo: Bubear Photography via Farmhouse Redcoats Wedding


28. Wooden Heart Wedding Sign

Does it get any more romantic than a simple wooden heart style?

 Photo: Dani Nichol Photography via Orlando Wedding


29. Sweet Rhyme

Let words speak for themselves with sweet rhymes.

 Photo: Georgia Rachael via Norfolk Beach Wedding


30. Informal Seating

If you don’t wish for your guests to sit on certain sides of your wedding aisle, tell them with a sign.

 Photo: Gemma Giorgio Photography via West Suffolk Barn Wedding


31. Woodland Vibes Wedding Sign

This sign was made using a stencil on wooden planks, this ensures uniform and polished lettering.

 Photo: Alexa Loy via DIY Yurt Wedding


32. Unplugged

Want your guests to put their phones or cameras away and be in the moment? An unplugged wedding sign is for you!

Photo: Georgia Rachael via Norfolk Beach Wedding


33. Rustic

Wedding signs don’t have to be perfectly polished such as this gorgeously rustic sign demonstrates.

 Photo: Beth Moseley Photography via Homemade Pink Gold Barn Wedding


Wedding Direction Signs

Ensure your guests go to the right place and don’t end up lost with directional wedding signage.

34. Couple Milestones Wedding Sign

Just for fun, create a signpost with your couple’s destination milestones and distances too.

 Photo: Burfly Photography via Tropical Luxe Wedding


35. Garden Fork

Think about items you can bring from home to save money and the planet.

Photo: Siobhan Beales Photography via Barn Upcote Wedding


36. Themed

Add wedding signs to enhance a wedding theme, such as this Harry Potter signpost.

 Photo: Daffodil Waves via Laid Back Harry Potter Wedding


37. Cardboard Cut Outs

Have fun with your wedding signs, such as this great cardboard cut out idea.

 Photo: Photography34 via Wiltshire Barn Wedding


38. Arrow

Make wedding signs in an arrow shape for a cute style.

 Photo: Helen Russell Photography via Romantic Pink Summer Glamping Wedding


39. Pet Dog

Cut out pet shapes for a reminder of your favourite fur babies.

 Photo: Siobhan Beales Photography via Barn Upcote Wedding


40. Road Sign

Commission authentic-looking road signs for guests to find you en route.

 Photo: Stott and Atkinson via Industrial Glam Marquee Wedding


41. Colourful Signpost

Ensure your wedding signpost stands out in bright colours.

 Photo: Kirsty Mackenzie Photography via Brook Farm Wedding


42. Wedding Sign

A simple ‘wedding’ sign is all you may actually need on the day.

 Photo: Arabella Smith via Pheasant Harome Wedding Yorkshire


43. Symbols

Symbols are a great wedding sign option. Perfect for bilingual weddings, destination weddings and kids who aren’t quite at reading age.

 Photo: Story and Colour Photography via Festival Tipi Lavender Wedding


44. Wooden Signpost

Add plenty of decor to the base of your signpost to weigh it down and ensure no one bumps into it.

 Photo: Jonny MP Photography via Dusky Pink Gold Picnic Marquee Wedding


Order Of The Day Wedding Signs

Keep guests informed with a wedding order of the day sign. This also saves the need for paper copies for each guest. Thus saving money, time and paper resources.

45. To-Do List

Organisation lovers will love this quirky to-do list concept.

 Photo: Honey and the Moon Photography via Titchwell Manor Wedding


46. Musical Notes

Musicians or music fans could try using musical notes as a great graphic touch.

 Photo: The Light Painters via Hazel Gap Barn Wedding


47. Wooden Pallet Wedding Sign

Grab a free wooden pallet, add lettering and some foliage for a strikingly good sign idea.

 Photo: Livvy Hukins Photography via Moors Valley Country Park Wedding


48. Fairy Lights

Drape fairy lights all over your sign to light it up come evening and ensure no one misses it.

 Photo: Hayley Baxter Photography via Industrial Mill Wedding


49. Mini Clocks

How cute are these mini clocks? Ingenious.

 Photo: Will Patrick via Bonhams Barn Wedding


50. Metal Trays

Scour marketplaces, charity shops or car boots sale for metal trays you can write on.

 Photo: Three Flowers Photography via Red Greenery Wedding Sign: Starry Eyed Weddings


51. Giant Clock

Create a giant personalised clock to ensure you and your guests are running on time.

 Photo: A Little Picture via Crab Lobster Wedding


52. Electric Circuit

Take inspiration from your career or hobbies and infuse them in your wedding signs.

 Photo: Amy Lou Photography via Wylam Brewery Wedding


53. Felt Board

Felt boards are really tactile and soft, plus they can be used again in your home post-wedding.

 Photo: Oxi Photography via Pennard House Wedding


54. Stenciled

White lettering on wood looks rustic and chic.

 Photo: Martin Venherm Photography via Falside Mill Wedding


55. Hexagon

Craft wooden hexagons to display your wedding day timeline.

Photo: Jasmine Skye Photography via Paper Mill Wedding


56. Vintage China Wedding Sign

Collect vintage china and write on them for a colourful display.

Photo: Rich Howman via Meadowscape Wedding


57. Timeline Graphic

For a visual treat, create a timeline graphic sign detailing all the goings on.

 Photo: Angela Ward Brown via Clock Barn Wedding Sign: Emmy Designs


58. Blackboard & Gold Frame

Make your own blackboard with chalkboard paint and spray paint a frame gold.

Photo: Bloom Weddings via High Barn Wedding Edenhall Sign Lettering: Jill Lilley


59. Colourful Wooden Fence

Paint an old wooden fence in bright tones that match your wedding colour theme.

 Photo: Jessica Isherwood Photography via Tipis Riley Green Wedding Sign: The Wedding Workshop


Personalised & Quote Wedding Signs

Sometimes signs can be used to add personality or another dimension to your wedding decorations. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Passages from books
Favourite quotes
Use words from your wedding readings or wedding songs

60. Eat Drink & Be Married

Add a fun quote to a stylish mirror.

Photo: Anna Beth Photography via Colourful Bohemian Floral Wedding Ideas


61. Initials

Screw initial letter lights to a wooden pallet for an illuminating sign.

 Photo: Honeydew Moments via Treehouse Wedding


62. Illustrated

Celebrate your new marriage with a cute illustration.

 Photo: Honey and the Moon Photography via Drenagh House Estate Wedding


63. Banner Backdrop

Add a wedding banner sign as a top table wedding decoration. It can make for the perfect wedding backdrop for your speeches.

 Photo: Indigo and Violet Photography via Autumn Festival Wedding Ideas Sign: Mee and Es Designs


64. Newspaper Wedding Sign

Design your own headline with a unique newspaper-style sign.

 Photo: Belle Art Photography via Ashes Barn Wedding


65. Sweet

How sweet are the words; “This way to love, laughter and happily ever after“? Adorable!

 Photo: Sheena Shahangian via Dunaway Gardens Wedding


66. Titles

Simply pop your new titles on a sign and add to your top table.

 Photo: Michelle Huggleston via Celtic Manor Resort Wedding


67. Curtain

Grab a cheap piece of fabric or a curtain and add your script before hanging onto a clothes rail. Then add balloons and greenery for this super stylish sign design.

 Photo: Katherine Ashdown Photography via Barnston Lodge Wedding


68. Till Death Do Us Party

Use words from your vows or spin them into your own unique phrase.

 Photo: Photos By Hash via Beer Garden Wedding Sign: Polly and Me


Wedding Reception Signs

And last, but certainly, no means least. Let’s take a look at some sign ideas for your wedding reception!

69. Cake Table Sign

Dress your wedding cake table with a beautiful sign.

Photo: EKR Pictures via Free Spirited Bohemian Luxe Wedding Sign: Wild Calligraphy


70. Guest Book Wedding Sign

Highlight your guest book with a sign so it’s hard not to miss.

Photo: Terri & Lori Fine Art Photography and Film Studio via Chiltern Open Air Museum Wedding


71. Neon Greenery Wall

Neon lighting looks amazing from day to night and can be popped on a wall at home after the big day. Win-win.

 Photo: Terri Pashley Photography via Jungle Wedding Ideas Sign: Elizabeth James Events


72. Suspended Sign

Hang a laser-cut wooden sign from the ceiling to frame a flower cloud.

Photo: When Charlie Met Hannah via Arnos Vale Wedding Ideas Sign: The Roaming Caravan Co. Mobile Caravan Bar


73. Disco Balls

Bring all the fun vibes with disco balls all round.

 Photo: Georgia Rachael via Norfolk Beach Wedding


74. Drinks Menu

Speed up your bar waiting times with a drinks menu to help guests decide before they order.

 Photo: Daffodil Waves via Laid Back Harry Potter Wedding


75. Taxi!

If you aren’t providing transport, a handy taxi list may be extremely helpful as your party ends.

 Photos: Ellie Gillard Photography via Riverside London Wedding


76. Photo Booth

Opting for a non-attended wedding photo booth? Be sure to add instructions for your guests.

Photo: Fox and Bear Photography via Trevor Hall Wedding


77. Cheese Wedding Sign

How funny is this cheese sign? Love it!

 Photo: Kim Williams Weddings via Bright Barn Wedding


78. Menu

Instead of printing separate menus for your wedding place settings, tantalise guests with a menu board.

 Photo: Aurora Grey Photography via Norfolk Barn Wedding


79. Dancefloor Rules

Make up your own dancefloor rules for guests. Plus think about adding a translation for another language if your guests should require it.

 Photo: Fox and Bear Photography via Trevor Hall Wedding


80. Cat Cocktails

Show off your cocktail menu with a fun sign.

 Photo: Laura Coughlan via Silver Blue Wedding Sign: Starry Eyed Weddings


81. Remembrance

Remember lost loved ones with a wedding memory table or a heartfelt sign.

 Photo: Thyme Lane Photography via Funfair Festival Wedding


82. Hoop

Spray paint a hula hoop gold, and add letters with flowers for a cute decor idea.

 Photo: Cotton Candy Photography via Railway Station Wedding


83. Sparkler Sign

Tell guests all about your planned sparkler exit at dusk.

 Photo: Cat Arwel Photography via Fron Farm Yurt Wedding


84. Hashtag

Planning a wedding hashtag? Make sure guests use it correctly with an informative social media sign.

 Photo: Kazooieloki Photography via Fun Barn Wedding


85. Cinema Light

Love a movie night? Bring the cinema to your day, just as I did on my own wedding day.

Image: Alexa Loy via Our Wedding Reception


86. Magnetic Board Wedding Sign

Or, here is our magnetic board sign for our booze bath. We still use the whiteboards too!

 Image: Alexa Loy via Our Wedding Reception


And that’s a wrap! You now have all my top tips on working out your wedding signs plus lots of sign ideas for your wedding day styling. Hooray!

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