84 Entertaining Wedding Game Ideas To Break The Ice

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No one wants to see their guests bored at their wedding, right? We want to see our faves laughing, mingling and having a jolly good time. But how do you ensure guests let their hair down? See them having a laugh and stay entertained as well as have fond memories from your day.

Wedding games of course! They are a brilliant idea for entertainment, no matter your budget. In this article you will find all the game ideas you’ll ever dream of. Plus I’ll share my top game planning tips and how to pull them off in style!

Whatever the age of your guests, games are something everyone can enjoy.  I’ve broken down game ideas by type for different areas and timings of your day.

Without further ado here are some popular entertainment choices that couples all over the UK are opting for.

Wedding Table Reception Games

Table games are perfect for keeping guests enjoying themselves during your dinner and speeches. As well as when drinks are served or they are waiting for dinner to arrive between courses.

1. Quiz

Love a pub quiz? Why not create your own? Be it on general knowledge or even yourselves as a couple, a quiz will keep guests chatting over their wedding meal.

Photo: Sasha Weddings via Stylish Festival Feel Tipi Wedding


2. Board Games

Pop fun board games on tables, or create a game station. Ideal for your evening party and those who prefer not to dance.

Plus its really cost effective just grabbing your favourites board games from your cupboard at home.

Photo: Matt Penberthy Photography via Old Greens Barn Wedding


3. Speech Sweepstake

An oldie but goodie, ask someone to host a sweepstake on the length of speeches or other elements. For example; if a certain word, phrase, joke or anecdote is used by speech givers.

Photo: Stott and Atkinson via Industrial Glam Marquee Wedding


4. Speech Drinking Game

Encourage guests to take a drink (soft drinks optional) everytime a certain word is used in the speeches. You can keep this secret from the speech givers by sharing the game on the table stationery.

Photo: Brook Rose Photography via Tewin Bury Farm Wedding


5. Custom Crossword

If you love a crossword, create your own bespoke puzzle. Add in personal touches to ensure your personality shines.

Photo: Kirsty Mackenzie via DIY Bluebell Woods Wedding


6. Speech Bingo

Create a fun bingo card with classic speech traditions for guests to play speech bingo.

Photo: Claire Fleck Photography via Mad Hatters Tea Party Wedding


7. Ice Breaker Question Lollies

Fast and fun ice breaker quiz questions on lolly sticks. Add the question to one side and the answer to the other to create fun conversation.

Photo: Katherine Ashdown via Country Cottage Garden Wedding


8. Anagram

Give guests riddles or clues to solve that unlocks an anagram to unveil. Allow them to work individually or by table teams.

Photo: Jessica Hayman Photography via Meon Bye Farm Wedding


9. Guess Who

A custom guess who game will not only tell guests who your wedding party is, but will be sure to keep all ages entertained.

Photo: Livvy Hukins via Travel Theme Wedding


10. Cards Against Humanity

A cult classic, Cards Against Humanity could be bought for tables or make your own matrimony version.

Photo: Lase Photography via Lordship Pub Dulwich Wedding


11. Photo Quiz

Quiz guests on another level with photos or illustrations for them to work out. For extra fun use your own photos or things that mean something about you as a couple.

Image by Georgi Mabee Photography, full wedding here.


12. Bingo

Who doesn’t love a game of classic bingo? Choose a bingo caller and set a time to play the game. Expect lots of antics and laughs as well as possibly some harmless arguments.

Photo: Lisa Dawn Photography via Whimsical Woodland Fairytale Wedding


13. Table Swap Game

Swap answers to fun questions with guests at another table, a sure-fire winner.

Photo: Fuller Photography via Blue Yellow Spring Barn Wedding


14. Consequences

Ever play consequences? It’s a great interactive game for passing between guests and tables. The results are sure to be hilarious.

Photo: Brighton Photo via Outdoors Peach Barn Wedding


15. Mad Libs – Fill In The Blanks

Create a cute or funny mad libs game. Create a story and give blank spaces for guests to complete with words of their choice!

Photo: Matt Badenoch Photography via Hippy Festival Travel DIY Wedding


Wedding Outdoor Fete & Lawn Games

If you have ample outdoor space, make the most of it by entertaining guests alfresco. Ideal to play as guests wait before the ceremony, during the drinks reception, while photos are taken or in the evening.

Fete wedding games are popular and ideal for summer celebrations. They really bring a sense of nostalgia and community. You could hire lawn games or even make your own.

Keep things simple with a good old-fashioned game of cricket, football, croquet or golf. Team games plus good weather equals lots of laughs.


16. Limbo

Create the ultimate party vibe with a simple limbo pole and upbeat music.

Photo: Patrick Partridge Photography via Sri Lankan English Wedding


17. Hurdles

Build your own hurdles for a race, hay bales are perfect for any (soft) landings.

Photo: Patrick Partridge Photography via Sri Lankan English Wedding


18. Croquet

The ultimate lawn game has to be croquet. Be sure to check with your wedding venue that you can place the hoops in the ground though.

Photo: Patrick Partridge Photography via Sri Lankan English Wedding


19. Tractor Rides

Hosting a farm wedding? What’s more fun than tractor and trailer rides, sure to be a hit with little ones too.

Photo: Patrick Partridge Photography via Sri Lankan English Wedding


20. Ball In A Bucket

Simple but effective, pop buckets in a wooden stand and supply balls. Don’t forget a scoring sheet to crown the winner.

Photo: Aden Priest Photography via Lincolnshire Woodland Wedding


21. Laser Tag

Yes, you can bring laser tag to your wedding! Whether you hire a complete set up or buy your own simple kit for guests to wear. Laser tag is perfect for darker conditions.

Photo: Kirsty Rockett Photography via Hidden River Barn Wedding


22. Rodeo Bull Ride

Rent out a rodeo bull for a very memorable activity for your guests. Do keep tabs on who stays on the longest for a prize at the end of the night.

Photo: Kirsty Rockett Photography via Hidden River Barn Wedding


23. Pass The Pigs

Grab yourself giant pass the pigs for a simple and light-hearted game.

Photo: Kirsty Rockett Photography via Hidden River Barn Wedding


24. Badminton

Badminton is a great way to entertain guests. You can now pick up pop-up nets and shuttlecocks should be safer to play with compared to heavier ball games.

Photo: Stephanie Butt via Coton House Farm Wedding


25. Archery

Archery is an activity sure to make guests want to get involved. Ensure you think about the health and safety involved, or go for a family-friendly archery set.

Photo: Electric Blue Photos and Film via Cider Barn Wedding


26. Snakes & Ladders

Crack out the classic snakes and ladders, but a larger outdoor version for a really interactive game.

Photo: Adam and Grace via Tullyveery House Wedding


27. Swingball

Who doesn’t have fond memories of swingball? It’s a great game to bring along, easy to set up and there won’t be a stray ball in sight.

Photo: Adam and Grace via Tullyveery House Wedding


28. Ring Toss

Buy, hire or make a simple ring toss game. The couple below used painted bottles, but let your imagination run wild to create a game on theme.

Photo: Will Patrick via Bonhams Barn Wedding


29. Splat The Rat

Fete classic, splat the rat is a game sure to raise some laughs as guests mingle.

Photo: Rebecca Carpenter Photography via Hoop Wedding Ideas


30. Flamingo Ring Toss

Uplevel your ring toss game by using cute and quirky flamingos.

Photo: Sharon Cooper Photography via Enchanted Garden Events Wedding


31. Clay Pidgeon Shooting

If you have a passion for clay pidgeon shooting, why not set up a (safe) area for guests to have a go at your wedding?

Photo: Siobhan Beales Photography via Barn Upcote Wedding


32. Tug Of War

Does it get any easier than supplying a rope for a wedding game? Be sure to assign a game organiser to make sure the game goes without a hitch.

Photo: Daniel Lightening via Wildflower Meadow Wedding


33. Bean Bag Toss

Commissioning a bespoke game set up like this bean bag toss will make for such a lovely keepsake post-wedding.

Photo: M.Studios via Blithewold Mansion Wedding


34. Wire Buzzer

Wire buzzers are a source of fun and frustration in equal measure. You’ll be giggling away hearing the buzzer sound as guests take turns attempting to defeat the buzzer!

  Photo: Scott Carney Photography via Festival Yurt Wedding Ideas


35. Connect 4

A game for two, Connect 4 is a classic. Be sure to provide additional games to avoid lingering queuing guests.

Photo: Scott Carney Photography via Festival Yurt Wedding Ideas


36. Kerplunk

This DIY Kerplunk game is genius! Using chicken wire, wooden sticks and ball pool balls, this game is set to be a winner.

Photo: Emma Barrow Photography via Wonwood Barton Wedding


37. Dominos

Take dominos up a notch with giant tiles for outdoor use. Challenge guests to build a track to knock them down too.

 Image by Kari Bellamy, full wedding here.


38. Hook-A-Duck

How sweet is this hook-a-duck game? Toddlers will have so much fun with this game, as will older generations.

Photo: Sarah Jayne Photography via Eco-Friendly Wedding Inspiration


39. Tin Can Alley

Decorate tin cans, stack them high and provide a soft ball. Cost-effective and all the fun!

Photo: Sarah Jayne Photography via Eco-Friendly Wedding Inspiration


40. Skittles

Skittles, boules or bowling are all great garden games that are easy to set up and look lovely.

Photo: Sarah Jayne Photography via Eco-Friendly Wedding Inspiration


41. Naughts & Crosses

Make your own natural style naughts and crosses. Use branches and wooden shapes, perfect to keep for future parties too.

Photo: Thyme Lane Photography via Horsley Hale Farm Wedding


42. Jenga

Jenga is always a crowd pleaser and makes for some cracking wedding photos of your guests too.

Photo: Thyme Lane Photography via Eco Garden Wedding


43. Sack Race

Pick up hessian sacks and host a sport’s day-style sack race.

Photo: Jason Williams Photography via Gorwell Farm Wedding Barn


44. Welly Wanging

Country weddings wouldn’t be the same with out a hilarious welly wanging game.

Photo: Kate Gray Photography via Country Tipi Farm Wedding


45. Mini Golf

For golf lovers, hire or DIY a mini gold pitch at your wedding.

Photo: Alex Bee Photo via Rustic Barn Wedding Tennessee


46. Duck Herding

Guests must have adored the sweet ducks, as this couple herded ducks on their day.

Image by S6 Photography, full wedding here.


47. Apple Bobbing

Perfect for autumn or Halloween weddings, apple bobbing is a great game idea. Be sure to supply towels for any accidents!

Photo: Binky Nixon Photography via Peachy Country Barn DIY Wedding


48. Coconut Shy

Set up a coconut shy. Your guests are sure to be competitive with one another all day.

Photo: Lily Sawyer Photography via Family Festival Wedding


49. Rugby

Bring along a rugby ball and allow your guests to run wild in a field.

Photo: Sasha Weddings via Stanhill Court Hotel Wedding


50. Cricket

If cricket is your thing, bring along your cricket set. Rounders is also a great alternative for a more simple set up.

Photo: Sasha Weddings via Stanhill Court Hotel Wedding


51. Football

Bring your football and create some make-shift goals. Your guests will be sure to do the rest themsevles.

Image by Diamonds and Doodles, full wedding here.


Indoor & Evening Wedding Games

If outdoor space is limited or weather conditions are poor. Don’t worry, there are plenty of fun wedding games you can set up. Indoor games are great for dark evenings and cosy nooks that would otherwise be empty in your venue.


52. Pinata

Everyone will love watching you smash a pinata, plus there will be treats for all!

Photo: Leah Lombardi via Quirky Dinosaur Wedding


53. Playing Card Game

This cute playing card game is a perfect ice-breaker. Guests take a playing card and then hunt for a guest with the same number as them.

You will love seeing guests getting to know each other.

Photo: Emma Barrow Photography via Wonwood Barton Wedding


54. Spin The Wheel

Make up your own spin-the-wheel game. This one has dance options to encourage guests to try out some new moves.

Photo: Rebecca Carpenter Photography via Hoop Wedding Ideas


55. Casino

Rent your own glamorous casino and supply guests with pretend money. The winner can claim a fun prize at the end of the evening.

Photo: Aden Priest Photography via Lincolnshire Woodland Wedding


56. Ring Game

This couple played the ring game which is a tradition in Tamil weddings. A ring is placed in a vase with other objects for the couple to find and fish out.

Photo: Patrick Partridge Photography via Sri Lankan English Wedding


57. Table Football

For a Friends vibe, bring along your table football game. Why not host a tournament?

Photo: Charlie and Em Photography via Staffordshire Garden Wedding


58. Glitter Bar

Those that love to get glam will adore playing with a glitter bar as the party starts.

Photo: Rob Smith Photographer via Arnos Vale Cemetery Wedding


59. Beer Pong

Student cult classic, beer pong is a favourite for a riotous wedding party.

Photo: Beard and Mane via Hertfordshire Barn DIY Wedding


60. Temporary Tattoo Station

Guests will have fun with temporary tattoos as they compare theirs and rock them after the big day.

Photo: Jordanna Marston via Ash Barton Estate Wedding


61. Games Consoles & Arcade Games

Bring along your game console or hire arcade games. Fun guarenteed.

Photo: Ayesha Photography via Elsecar Heritage Centre Wedding


62. Silent Disco

If not everyone is up for dancing, or loud music is vetoed. A silent disco is a sure-fire way to please everyone.

Photo: One Thousand Words via Sopley Lake Wedding


63. Buttonhole & Flower Crown Station

Give guests the opportunity to make their own buttonhole or flower crown. Such a lovely activity to ensure guests feel involved.

Photo: One Thousand Words via Sopley Lake Wedding


64. Mr & Mrs/Mrs & Mrs/Mr & Mr Game

Quiz the happy couple in an entertaining show that guests are sure to be delighted by. Pick a host who is both confident but sure to keep the laughs going. This couple hosted their couple quiz in the evening due to Covid restrictions. It was an ideal way to celebrate their marriage.

Photo: Kate Gray Photography via Four Seasons Hampshire Wedding


65. Glow Sticks

Give out glow sticks, adults and kids alike are sure to have fun with them as the lights go down.

Photo: John Wellings via Woodhouse Barn Wedding


66. Where’s Wally?

Make your own Where’s Wally game with photos of the couple and guests!

Photo: Neil Jackson via Rural Clifftop Tipi Wedding


67. Dance-Off

Host a dance-off competition, guests will love getting involved and cheering on the competitors.

Photo: Matt Austin Images via Opulent Eccentric Berry Gold Wedding


67. Tombola or Raffle

Wrap up gesture gifts and host a raffle or tombola for an unusual wedding game idea.

Photo: Rebecca Douglas via Village Hall Fete Wedding


68. Bake Off

Everyone loves cake. More and more couples are asking their guests to bake a cake and bring it along. Why not have a contest at the same time? Award fun prizes (aprons/spoons) or ribbons too.

Photo: Kate McCarthy Photography via Home Manchester Wedding


69. Destination Guessing Game

Set up a map and ask guests to pin where they think you’re headed on your honeymoon.

Photo: Sara Reeve via Travel Adventure Wedding


70. Karaoke

Karaoke, whether you love it or hate it, is always good fun.

Photo: Photography34 via Mowbray Wedding


71. Photo Booth

A wedding photo booth has two purposes. Fun times for guests, but also great photos to remember forever.

Photo: Jess Soper Photography via Red Brick Barn Wedding


Wedding Games For Kids

If you are having children at your wedding, it’s key to think of ways to keep them occupied.

Noone wants stressed-out parents at their wedding. So keep adults and children happy with these adorable game ideas.


72. Bouncy Castle

Not just for kids, a bouncy castle will be loved by all!

Photo: Marianne Chua Photography via Chainstore Wedding


73. Dressing Up

Find fun clothes and create a dressing-up box. Kids will love the opportunity to switch up their outfit.

Photo: Emma Barrow Photography via Wonwood Barton Wedding


74. I Spy

I Spy is a great game for kids during the meal when they are sitting still for a while. Add an extra challenge for older children to take photos of their finds.

Photo: Benjamin Stuart Photography via Seaside Purple Farm Wedding


75. Space Hoppers

Give out space hoppers for the children, but be sure to have a hop yourself too.

Photo: Kirsty Rockett Photography via Hidden River Barn Wedding


76. Giant Playing Cards

Giant playing cards are great for smaller hands. From snap to more complex games for teens, this is one easy game idea for your day.

Photo: Charlie and Em Photography via Staffordshire Garden Wedding


77. Bubbles

Give out individual bubbles or set up a bubble machine!

Photo: Charlie and Em Photography via Staffordshire Garden Wedding


78. Balloon Modelling

Balloon modelling kits are a great way to entertain little ones.

Photo: Charlie and Em Photography via Staffordshire Garden Wedding


79. Activity Book

Pop a children’s activity book on their place settings to keep them settled during speeches.

Photo: John Wellings via Woodhouse Barn Wedding 


80. Colouring In

Wedding colouring sheets are a simple and easy way to keep children engaged. Don’t forget the crayons!

Photo: Monisa J. Photography via Arkansas Wedding


81. Paper Aeroplane Contest

Supply paper aeroplane materials and challenge kids to throw them the furthest.

Photo: Aeroplane Travel Wedding


82. Mini Table Games

Pop mini-games on your wedding tables so the adults can chat between themselves.

Image by Nabeels Camera, full wedding here


83. Egg & Spoon Race

An old-school classic, the egg and spoon race! Swap eggs for potatoes to avoid any stains on clothes.

Photo: Daffodil Waves via Fete Game Filled Wedding


84. Design A Bride or Groom

Cut out paper figures and ask kids to decorate them. You will love looking through their designs after the day.

Photo: Kate McCarthy Photography via Home Manchester Wedding


Should You Have Games At A Wedding Reception?

There are no rules around whether you should have games at your wedding reception. It depends on your wedding vibe. If you don’t want games you shouldn’t have them, but if you do then go for it.

If you choose not to have wedding games, it may leave guests lingering or bored in quieter times during your day. So it’s best to look at your wedding timeline for any gaps in entertainment.

How Can I Save On Wedding Games Cost?

When it comes to budgeting for your wedding games, you don’t need to spend hundreds on activities. Keep it simple. Bring along games or activities you already own. Alternatively, make your own games by upcycling materials you can pick up cheaply.

Sometimes hiring or buying games second-hand can be really cost-effective too. Plus, don’t forget, you can always sell on wedding items after the day.

What Prizes Can I Give Out For Wedding Game Winners?

Prizes for wedding game winners are such a great way to encourage guests to get involved. You don’t need to provide an expensive or opulent gift though. Here are some prize ideas:

Bottle of drink
Box of sweet treats
Drink token
Song request

Top Tips For Successful Wedding Games

Ensure your wedding games are a hit with these tips:

Assign roles to your wedding party to host or organise your games on the day.
Turn simple games into a contest.
Provide fun prizes for winners.
Try to match your games to your decor. For example, painting games in your colour scheme.
Add signs to instruct guests on what to do or invite them to take part.
Liaise with your venue to ensure they are happy with your game ideas and locations.
Tell your suppliers about your games. Your wedding photographer and wedding videographer may capture some fun footage.
Have a weather contingency plan for wet or windy play.


Now you should have all the ideas you’ll ever need for your wedding games. Plus answers to your wedding game questions as well as my top tips! Happy gaming.


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