5 Reasons Why a Charity Gift Registry and Weddings Go Hand in Hand

When you think of weddings, the first few things that come to mind are beautiful clothes, over the top celebrations, endless food and lots of celebrations. Rarely do we think of causes or consciousness when we talk of weddings. However, as millennials get married, they’re thinking and celebrating differently, and somehow it just makes perfect sense. Creating a charity gift registry for your wedding is a trend on the upswing.

Charity Gift Registry

Here are all the reasons why they’re a match made in heaven! 

It’s the best way to start a new life.

A wedding is a moment when two individuals embark on a new life journey together. And what is a better start to something new and wonderful than supporting a worthy cause in the process. By asking guests to contribute towards a charity the couple believes in, they begin their new life with an abundance of blessings from those less fortunate, and who wouldn’t want that, right? 

It’s great if you don’t want gifts

The new norm with weddings is couples insisting they don’t want gifts. Millennials are many things but they’re not hoarders. And the idea of getting a hundred gifts that they will never end up using is petrifying to them. So they prefer to opt for a no-gifts policy, especially if they are blessed enough to have everything they need. However, guests will still get them something because it’s the norm. In such a situation, doing a charity solves both problems. Guests can contribute any amount they like and feel like they did their bit. And couples can revel in the joy that their wedding bought happiness to someone less fortunate. It’s a classis wim-win

Guests love it! 

If you’re feeling uncomfortable with the idea of creating a gift registry, you should know, guests loving knowing exactly what the couple wants so they can put their money to good use. However, when it is a charity gift registry, it is all the more loved by everyone because there is an inherent feel good factor about doing something for a good cause. So you can be rest assured your guests will love the act. 

You genuinely do some good.

Weddings, especially the big fat Indian wedding, can be draining and depleting on a lot of fronts. It takes a huge toll on the savings of both families by sheer virtue of what it costs. It also is bad for the environment. The waste generated at Indian weddings is monumental, from food waste to plastics and flowers. In all of this, by creating a charity gift registry you genuinely help someone in need, contribute to a good cause and make the world just a tad bit better. And who does not like that? 

You can raise a LOT of money

The thing about exponentially large weddings, as is the usual case in India, is that the guest list is huge. And having hundreds of guests gift you something means you truly have a chance of raising a lot of money for the cause you support. Even if each guest just contributes just a few hundred or thousand, the total amount can be very significant.

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