43 Wedding Lighting Ideas To Create A Magical Atmosphere

Wedding lighting is such a perfect way to bring a magical atmosphere to a wedding. But let’s not forget, it’s a practical addition too. After all, we all want to be able to see the gorgeous spaces and each other at a wedding.

However, there are so many options it can get overwhelming. This is why I am here to the rescue with 43 enchanting wedding lighting ideas. From outdoor fairy lights to indoor festoon lighting and candlelight, I have you covered.

Photo: Kazooieloki Photography via Pampas Grass Barn Wedding


Wedding Lighting Top Tips

Before we dive into all the pretty lighting ideas, how about thinking about the practicalities?

Venue Logistics

Some wedding venues may provide lighting already in their spaces, while others may be more of a blank canvas. If your venue doesn’t have lighting, speak to them about what they do or don’t allow lighting-wise. Some venues can’t have real lit candles for example, while others may not be able to hang lights where you envision them.

So before you set your heart on your lighting concept, ask your venue what the constraints are and where you can have them. You will need to consider power points, whether your lighting is weather-proof and where wires will be safe.

 Photo: Bridgwood Wedding Photography via Humanist Pool Wedding Lighting: Cinemattag Productions


Where To Put Lighting

Do a venue recce and look around for places where you may actually need additional lighting. Dark spaces or perhaps existing lighting which is too stark and artificial just isn’t going to create the vibe you are looking for. Note down these areas before thinking about lighting solutions.

It may sound obvious, but it may be worth looking at your venue in light and dark conditions. Come evening wedding lighting comes into its own, so it’s worth scouting out your spaces.

If your venue hosts a fair few weddings, look at images from past weddings. You can see what has been possible and what will work in the space you are working with. It may just spark a new idea for your lighting too.

 Photo: Rossella Putino Photographer via Milan Wedding


If your wedding photographer and wedding filmmaker don’t mind, try asking them for their opinion on lighting. They are experts in photography lighting and may have a suggestion on how to improve conditions, especially for your wedding photos.

Consider highlighting areas you wish to draw your guests towards. For instance, your guest book, cake table or sweetie bar can be lit to make them stand out. Your wedding centrepieces are a good place to be enhanced with thoughtful lighting.

Aside from focused lighting, there is the option for venue-wide lights. For example, the ceiling, the walls, your aisle or outdoor spaces can look gorgeous with extra lights.

Consult your wedding lighting provider if you are hiring your wedding decor. They are the experts and will be there to guide you through the whole process as well as advise on best placement and practice.

 Photo: Hayley Baxter Photography via Sperry Tent Wedding


Lighting Options

There are so many lighting options, which you are going to get to see many of in situ below. Here are some of the different lighting types you can think about:

Fairy Lights
Festoon Lights
Pea Light Curtains
Letter Lights
Neon Lights
Edison Bulbs

It’s also worth noting that you may not actually need any extra lighting at all. If your budget is tight, don’t sweat it. You don’t need to have every detail and decor item you see online in your wedding planning adventures.

Magical Wedding Lighting Ideas

Now we have the practical side of things sorted, let’s take a look at all the gorgeous wedding light inspiration shall we?

1. Barn Festoons & Fairy Lights

Mix fairy lights with festoon lights for a gorgeous mismatched style.

 Photo: Camilla Andrea Photography via Whimsical Boho Wedding Lighting: Dream Wave Lighting


2. Hanging Table Tea Lights

Bring your top table wedding decoration to the next level with suspended tea lights. These are so perfect for creating cosy atmosphere at winter weddings.

Photo: Georgi Mabee via Botanical Tipi Wedding Styling: Sage and Belle Styling


3. Outdoor Seating Area Lighting

Create a cosy nook outdoors for guests with lots of gorgeous string lights and candles.

 Photo: Emily Tyler Photography via Upthorpe Wood Wedding Props: Array Wedding and Event Hire


4. Candlesticks

Long tables will really suit a display of beautiful tall candles along the middle.

Photo: Olivia Yuen Photo via New Orleans Micro Wedding Planner: Becca Kelly


5. Light Tunnel

For a wow-factor style, create a fairy light tunnel. Place your wedding table beneath for a magical dinner.

Photo: Dani Louise Photography via Midsummer Night’s Dream Wedding Lighting: Love Lights The Way


6. White Fairy Lights

Mimic a frosty vibe with bright white fairy lights which will twinkle perfectly.

 Photo: The Gibsons via Magical Snowy Wedding


7. Greenery Hoops & Fairy Lights Indoors

Combine both greenery hoops with fairy lights for a real show-stopper ceiling display.

 Photo: Hannah McClune via Stoke Place Wedding Lighting: Red Cat Lighting


8. Floor Candles

Add candles to the floor of your tables. Just be careful about fire safety with this one!

 Photo: Frame Of Love via Natural Wedding Ideas Styling: Elisae Giulia


9. Drapes & Fairy Light Canopy

Cocoon guests with a fairy light canopy teamed with soft dreamy drapes.

 Photo: Siobhan Beales Photography via Wick Farm Bath Wedding Lighting: Light Fantastic UK


10. Floating Candle Centrepiece

Add floating candles to your centrepiece which can be lit when it gets dark.

 Photo: Danielle Leslie Photography via Netherdale House Wedding Decor: Without A Hitch


11. Sparklers

Light can be added to your photos with sparklers. The ideal send off photo shot come evening.

 Photo: Olivia Yuen Photo via New Orleans Micro Wedding


12. Aisle Lighting

Light your wedding aisle from above with strings of simple lights.

 Photo: Danielle Smith Photography via Ruscus Wedding


13. Ceremony Aisle Floor Lights

Light up your aisle walk with pretty string lights on the floor.

 Photo: Dani Louise Photography via Midsummer Night’s Dream Wedding Lighting: Love Lights The Way


14. Ceremony Candles

Bring warmth and cosiness to your ceremony with twinkling tea lights hung from above.

Photo: Kerry Diamond Photography via Enchanting Woodland Boho Wedding Lighting: Hipswing


15. Moon Neon Light

Decorate props such as this boho wire moon with lights and a neon sign.

 Photo: Kazooieloki Photography via Pampas Grass Barn Wedding Decor: Born Boho


16. Edison Light Bulbs

Edison light bulbs have a fantastic industrial feel. These lights are suited to focus areas like this top table.

 Photo: Thyme Lane Photography via Funfair Festival Wedding Tipi/Lighting: Magical Events LTD


17. Windowsill Lights

Find nooks such as windowsills where you can add soft candlelight.

 Photo: Martin Venherm Photography via Falside Mill Wedding Styling & Props: Fifty Six Events


18. Letter Lights

Spell it out with letter lights. From your initials to a personal word, have fun with this lighting backdrop.

 Photo: Firewood Film via Fun Colourful Barn Wedding Lighting: Love Lights The Way


19. Pea Light Wall

Create a focal point in your venue space with a pea light wall. So dramatic and beautiful!

Photo: Margarita Hope Photography via Eden Barn Wedding


20. Wicker Lampshades & Fairy Lights

Combine boho wicker lamps with delicate fairy lights.

 Photo: M.Studios via Blithewold Mansion Wedding


21. Fairy Light Curtain

Fairy light curtains can really soften a venue space and make it feel ever so romantic.

 Photo: Thyme Lane Photography via Milton Keynes Wedding Decor: McGees


22. Suspended Light Swing

If you are planning a suspended flower arrangement, add lights for a show-stopping evening display.

 Photo: Janine Kirkwood Photography via Family Farm Wedding


23. Fairy Light Table Plan

Ensure your guests spot your table plan in the dark by lighting it with fairy lights.

 Photo: Firewood Film via Fun Colourful Barn Wedding


24. Fairy Lights & Candles

For flickering light, candles are ideal on tables, then add fairy lights above for more practical light.

 Photo: Sharron Gibson via Barn Wedding Lights Lighting: Something Borrowed Event Hire


25. Outdoor Festoon Lights

Ensure your outside wedding breakfast is lit accordingly as the light dims.

 Photo: L’Ordine della Giarrettiera via Villa Del Grumello Wedding Decor: DAB Wedding


26. Ceiling Fairy Lights

This web-like net of fairy lights really looks spectacular on the barn ceiling. It must look magical from below too.

 Photo: Thyme Lane Photography via Cooling Castle Barn Wedding


27. Fairy Lit Bandstand

This bandstand was crying out for fairy lights. Twilight anyone?

 Photo: Leah Lombardi Weddings via Inn On The Lake Wedding


28. Lights & Props

Bring personality to your wedding lights by adding fun props such as parasols.

 Photo: Victoria Somerset-How Photography via Hadsham Farm Wedding


29. Chandelier Lighting

Your venue may already have chandeliers, but if not, you can always add them!

 Photo: Taylor Parker Photography via Whimsical Garden Wedding


30. Lights On Poles

If you’re hiring a marquee, tipi or tent, use the poles to wrap lights around.

 Photo: Jonny Gouldstone Photography via Country Festival Wedding


31. Lampshades

Use lampshades to bring light and a sense of home.

 Photo: Thyme Lane Photography via Christmas Marquee Wedding Stylist: Starry Eyed Weddings


32. String Lights

Simple single strings of fairy lights can look wonderful.

 Photo: The Shannons via St Paul’s Cathedral Wedding


33. Origami & Festoon Lights

Team your festoon strings with origami paper cranes.

 Photo: Janice Yi Photography via Origami Marquee Wedding


34. Wooden Ladder Candles

If you are having wooden ladder decor, don’t forget to light it up too.

 Photo: Kirsty Mackenzie Photography via Autumn Outdoorsy Woodland Wedding Ideas Styling & Props: Sarah Damidot


35. Lantern Lights

Light-up lanterns look so pretty and can match any wedding colour scheme.

 Photo: Jonathan Ryder via Light Pink Country House Wedding


36. Firepit

Have a firepit to bring light and heat to your evening outdoors.

 Photo: Novella Photography via Back Garden Wedding Vermont


37. Micro Wire Lights

Micro wire lights are ideal for centrepieces to bring a delicate touch.

 Photo: Ilaria Petrucci Photography via Scenic Tuscany Destination Wedding


38. Disco Ball

A disco ball will throw light around your dance floor perfectly.

 Photo: Andrew Brannan Photography via Church Farm Wedding Lights: Light Fantastic


39. External Tent Lighting

Add lighting to the outside of your wedding tent to make it glow as the sun sets.

 Photo: Esme Fletcher Photography via Late Summer Marquee Wedding


40. Festoon Light Outdoor Aisle

Use festoon lights outdoors to create a walkway or aisle.

 Photo: Olivia and Dan Photography via Outdoor Wedding UK


41. Fairy Light Clusters

Bundle together fairy lights for a focal point on the ceiling.

  Photos: Charly Richards Photography via Vintage Glamour Wedding


42. Neon Light Backdrop

Use neon lights as a backdrop to your cake table or your top table.

 Photo: Holly Collings Photography via Greek English Fusion Wedding Neon Sign: Rustic Love


43. Fireworks

Light up the night sky as you end your celebrations with a spectacular firework display.

 Photo: Grace Elizabeth via Weekend Glamping Wedding Fireworks: Vulcan Fireworks


And that’s a lighting wrap! You’ve now found out how to plan your wedding lights, where to put them and discovered all the wedding lighting ideas you’ll ever need. Hoorah!

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