40 Romantic Christmas Proposal Ideas To WOW Your Soulmate

If you are looking for romantic and festive Christmas proposal ideas whether they be at home, in the city, outdoors or on holiday. Then these ingenious proposal ideas will leave you wanting to shout ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’.

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You’ve chosen to get married and spend forever having adventures with your best friend. Congratulations! It’s really exciting that you have made this milestone choice and planning a special and memorable proposal is a big step in your relationship.

Here at Whimsical Wonderland Weddings, there have been thousands of proposal stories featured. Each and every single one is very special. If you want to read some of these, then do check out the real weddings page. Every proposal has a unique and personal story, which may spark your own proposal idea.

Fundamentally, always be true to who you are as an individual and as a couple when it comes to your proposal moment. You will hope that your proposal is authentic and real, with heart.

Romantic Christmas Proposal Ideas – Sweep Your Partner Off Their Feet

Christmas is one of the most popular times of year to pop the question. Here are some totally swoon-worthy proposal options to get your imagination all fired up. From meaningful locations to thoughtful touches, try to always include you both at this present moment.

A top tip is to ensure that the proposal idea you choose is actually something your partner would love. For example, do they hate being the centre of attention? If so, a public extravagant proposal may not be for them. Listen closely for any hints, or try letting a friend/family member in on the secret to question a little for you without arousing any suspicion.

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1. Advent Calendar

Propose on the first day of advent with a special advent calendar hiding the ring inside.

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2. Christmas Wreath

Order a gorgeous Christmas wreath for your front door and ask the question in front of it.

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3. In The Snow

Get outside and pop the question if it snows.

Photo: Jun Tan via Snowy Sunrise Peak District Engagement


4. Hire A Snow Machine

No snow? Hire a snow machine for the special moment.

Photo: Avalon Photography via Christmas Engagement


5. Breakfast In Bed

Treat your love to an extra special breakfast in bed, complete with ring!

Photos: Ifocus Photography via Brighton Engagement


6. Stargazing

Create a special stargazing date complete with cosy blankets and fairy lights.

Photo: Emily Tyler Photography via Upthorpe Wood Wedding


7. Visit Santa

Propose on a visit to Father Christmas either near to home or in Lapland.


8. Fairy-lit Garden

Create a romantic fairy-lit area in your garden and lead them out there for your proposal.

Photo: Rossella Putino Photographer via Milan Wedding


9. Christmas Tree Decorating

Go down on one knee next to the Christmas tree during the decorating. Or hide the ring in the tree.

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10. Under Mistletoe

Get down on one knee beneath the mistletoe.

Photo: Thyme Lane Photography via Christmas Marquee Wedding


11. Personalised Bauble

Propose with a personalised bauble that you can keep forever.

Photo: Avalon Photography via Christmas Engagement


12. Christmas Tree Gift

Wrap the ring box and pop it under the tree or in their stocking. Make sure it’s the last gift you give.

Photo: Pear & Bear Photography via Prestwold Hall Wedding


13. Sparklers

Light sparklers then ask family and friends to hold them around you as you propose.

Photo: Tiree Dawson via Askham Hall Wedding


14. Christmas Light Display

Go and visit the Christmas lights display for a romantic proposal location.

Photo: Valo Studio via London Winter Engagement


15. Sleigh Ride

Book a sleigh ride or a horse and carriage.

Photo: Thyme Lane Photography via Christmas Marquee Wedding


16. Christmas Tree Farm

As you pick your Christmas tree, get engaged!

Photo: Barbara Markiewicz Photography via Christmas Tree Farm Wedding Ideas


17. Festive Dinner Date

Host a romantic festive dinner date, complete with festive food.

Photo: Olegs Samsonovs Photography via Moon Stars Wedding Ideas


18. Christmas Cracker

Pull a Christmas cracker around the table with the ring hidden inside.

  Photo: Jennifer Jane Photography via Harefield Barn Wedding


19. Secret Santa

Plan secret santa and make sure your gift is for your love, with the ring inside!


20. Walk

Stride out on a Christmassy walk and find the perfect spot to propose.

Photo: Avenue White Photography via Stunning Sunset Engagement


21. Christmas Movie Night

Organise an outdoor movie night with a Christmas film.

Photo: Tyler Ranalla via Movie Night Engagement Party


22. Beach

Wrap up warm and propose on a beach.

Photo: Travers & Brown via Cornwall Beach Proposal


23. Cinema

Hire out a cinema and put on a personal film of you proposing.

Photo: Hannah Brooke Photography via 90s Wedding Ideas


24. Christmas Market

Head to your local Christmas market and get engaged as you sip mulled wine.

Photo: Toast of Leeds via Christmas Market Engagement


25. Hot Chocolate Bar

Create a romantic hot chocolate bar for all the romantic feels.

Photo: Lori Blythe Photography via Christmas Tree Farm Wedding Ideas


26. Christmas Eve Box

Propose on Christmas Eve with a special gift box and celebrate on Christmas day.


27. Chocolate Tin/Box

Hide the ring in a Chocolate tin or box of chocolates and pass it to your love.


28. Christmas Pudding

Pop the ring into the Christmas pudding. Be sure to wrap it well so it doesn’t get eaten.


29. Fiance Christmas Card

Give your partner a Christmas card with fiancé or fiancée wording written on the front.

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30. Marry Me Firework

Have a firework display with a special marry me firework.

Photo: Flawless Photography via Chateau Lagorce Wedding


31. Carol Singers

When carol singers arrive at your door, get down on one knee in front of them.


32. New York

For an extravagant proposal head to Times Square or Central Park.


33. Ice Skating

Go ice skating! Be sure to practice on the ice first though.


34. Christmas Afternoon Tea

Treat your other half to a festive afternoon tea in December.


35. Charades

Act out a proposal during your charades game after Christmas dinner.


36. Kids & Babies

If you have children, let them propose for you with a cute slogan outfit.

Babygrow from StitchupLooksharpUK


37. Pets

Tie the ring to your pet’s collar and call them to you.

Photo: Megan Duffield via Meadows Norfolk Wedding


38. Steam Train Ride

Hop on a romantic Christmas steam train ride.

Photo: Ayesha Photography via Elsecar Heritage Centre Wedding


39. Boxing Day Proposal

Wait until boxing day and the lull after Christmas for a pick-me-up.


40. New Year’s Eve

Get engaged on New Year’s Eve at midnight to mark the start of a great new year.


How To Propose Marriage?

Firstly, before you come up with your dream proposal, have a plan of action. Not only will this help to combat any nerves but this help to make sure that everything goes without a hitch. Of course, there is nothing wrong with an impromptu proposal, without a plan. If that’s how your proposal unfolds, it was meant to be.

Before you set up your location or concept, think about the words you’d like to use to ask that all-important question. Proposals from the heart will always be more memorable, special and thoughtful. You could speak about the following:

The qualities you love about your soulmate
The history of your time together
The journey of your relationship so far
The future you can’t wait to start
Share your love for them!
Special private musings
Private jokes
Your best memories together

Of course, don’t feel that you have to include any of these. Simply go with your heart, try not to script everything and speak your truth. That way you can’t go far wrong. A low-key “will you marry me” will have a lot of impact.

Where To Find A Proposal Ring

Next, it’s time to find your proposal ring. The reason I say to find a proposal ring rather than an engagement ring is that you may not want to find the final engagement ring before popping the question. Or maybe an engagement ring isn’t right for you. Of course, if you do want to purchase the engagement ring beforehand, definitely go for it!

You could opt for a custom engagement ring, an antique engagement ring or a potentially more affordable high-street ring. Diamonds and precious metals are not essential, do what works for you and your budget.

Don’t forget to find out your partners’ ring size with some covert investigation work. Raiding their jewellery box or sneakily tying some wool around their finger can work. Then you are ready to start engagement ring shopping ready for your proposal!

Here are some proposal ring ideas if you don’t want an engagement ring just yet:

Sweetie ring
A placeholder ring made from inexpensive materials such as wood
Inexpensive costume jewellery ring
Tattoo a ring
Make your own ring!
Signet ring

Or propose without a ring to hand. Remember there are no rules when it comes to proposing.

Where To Buy Engagement Rings Online

If you want to buy a proposal or engagement ring, here are some places to begin with:

H. Samuel
Fraser Hart
Blue Nile
John Lewis

Always do your research before buying fine jewellery online. Scour the web for independent reviews and accreditations.

Proposal Advice

Once you have bought the ring, safely store it and keep it hidden. Also, think about finding a way to encourage your partner to have a manicure before the proposal. That special ring will want showing off and scruffy hands or nails just won’t do now, will they? Don’t forget to think about treating your nails with some TLC too.

Think about letting a close family member or a friend in on the secret, however be sure to tell someone you trust. In all seriousness, it’s great to have someone to talk to about the proposal if you are looking for advice or support if you feel nervous. Perhaps you would like a ring shopping partner for another opinion?

Don’t forget to choose something gorgeous to wear to help you feel confident. However, if you are planning a low-key or impromptu proposal, don’t sweat it. Your partner loves you no matter what you wear.

Decide if asking for your partners’ families’ blessing is right for you both. Then get in touch for a face-to-face talk to ask for their blessing.

Finally, don’t try and create perfection. Perfection isn’t attainable and more often than not proposals have a little hiccup. Bloopers usually create a fun and memorable moment anyhow. Your sentiment is what counts and of course, starting this brand new chapter together. Your engagement!

After Your Marriage Proposal

Be sure to enjoy the moment, and take a photo together or a video. Decide when you’d like to announce your engagement news. You could arrange a surprise after-party straight after your epic marriage proposal. Invite all of those you love and extend the celebrations.

Don’t forget to share your new relationship status on your social channels (if that works for you). Also, be sure to check the ring fits perfectly and if it doesn’t arrange to get it resized. If you have yet to buy an engagement ring it’s time to go ring shopping! Yes.

In fact, it’s worth check out these first steps for the newly engaged to help you start wedding planning.

Wedding planning has officially commenced!


There you have it, all the Christmas proposal ideas you could ever need to wow your soulmate. Plus my top proposing tips! Good luck and an advanced congratulations.


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