32 Wedding Candle Centrepieces – Decor Ideas That Twinkle

Ready to light up your wedding table style? You are in for a treat with these magical wedding candle centrepiece ideas. Hooray!

 Photo: Andrea Verenini Photography via Somerley House Wedding Ideas


Enchanting Wedding Candle Centrepiece Ideas

By the end of this article, you will have all the inspiration you need to nail your wedding candle centrepiece. Plus I will share my top wedding candle tips and considerations to help your decor go without a hitch!

Wedding Candle Planning Help

Many wedding venues have a policy where they don’t allow wedding candles. This may be due to health and safety or their insurance. Carefully check your contract or ask your wedding venue if they are happy with you using candles before you purchase them.

Don’t fret if you can’t use real lit candles. LED wedding candles have come a long way in emulating real candles and can look beautiful. To make them more sustainable give them a home post-wedding to reuse, or sell on to another couple for a new life.

It’s a good idea to use candle holders that collect dripping wax. If you are hiring other wedding items such as tablecloths or furniture, the last thing you will want is ruined pieces you potentially have to pay for. Holders that collect wax will also prevent mess and keep candles safe from little ones or spillages. Don’t forget to place flammable items (or clothing) away from candles, do think about the candle positioning carefully.

When styling your wedding candle decor consider candle height and size. Work in the rule of threes too, odd numbers always look better when styling for a natural effect.

On the wedding day itself ask a handy helper to light your candles at a certain time. Look at the sunset times for your wedding date and estimate when the flickering light is going to come into its own. Oh and don’t forget matches or a lighter for the day.


  Top Wedding Candle Tips

Ask your venue if they allow real lit candles
Consider LED candles if you aren’t allowed real candles
Think about candle height & size
Use holders that collect dripping wax
Ask a handy helper to light your candles at a certain time
Don’t forget matches or a lighter on the day
Ensure you keep little ones and flammable items away from lit flames


Ready to discover lots of gorgeous wedding candle inspiration? Let’s dive in. Yes!

1. Antique Lanterns

Ditch flowers and instead find antique lanterns for a showstopping candle centrepiece idea. Surround with inexpensive greenery and squashes for a soft look.

 Photo: Siobhan Beales Photography via Wick Farm Bath Wedding


2. Floating Pine Cones

Bring the outdoors in with floating pine cones with simple tea lights. Team with greenery and rose flower garland for a wow moment when you see your wedding decorations.

 Photo: Dani Nicole Photography via Cedar Creek Ranch Wedding


3. Jewel Tones

Bring warmth with jewel-tone candles that coordinate with your flowers and tableware.

 Photo: Tom Halliday Photography via Art Wedding Ideas


4. Glass Box

Gather different-sized glass boxes edged with gold, before adding flowers or candles.

 Photo: Sugarbird Photography via Cherry Blossom Wedding Ideas


5. Hanging Tea Lights

For a full-on wedding candle centrepiece idea, bring candles from above as well as on tables.

 Photo: Georgi Mabee via Botanical Tipi Wedding


6. Simple Pillar

Use simple pillar candles in clear glass holders for an effortlessly stylish feel.

 Photo: Mini and Me Photography via Christmas Wedding Ideas


7. Glass Dome

Hire or buy candle holders with glass domes. These are ideal for outdoor weddings where wind may blow out flames.

 Photo: Caterina Neri Fotografie via Tuscany Villa Wedding


8. Different Heights

When it comes to styling your wedding centrepiece, think about using different height candles. This adds texture and a natural feel for a pro, polished style.

 Photo: Andrea Verenini Photography via Somerley House Wedding Ideas


9. Log Candles

Planning a rustic, woodland wedding? What better than log candle holders for your centrepice?

 Photo: Olegs & Rita Photography via Old Kent Barn Wedding


10. Candle Wreath

Classic weddings will totally suit a pillar candle with a wreath flower arrangement. Especially ideal for round wedding tables.

 Photo: Amy Chapple Photography via Beaconside House Wedding


11. Long Table Candles

More is more when it comes to candles. Add tall candles all down the length of a wedding long table set up.

 Photo: Olivia Yuen Photo via New Orleans Micro Wedding


12. Greenery Candles

Looking for a cheap candle idea? Collect free wine bottles, add greenery and fill them with water. Stylish and understated.

 Photo: Kloe May Photography via Home Garden Tipi Wedding


13. Tall Centrepiece

If you are having tall flower centrepieces, you can add candles beneath. Just be sure the flame isn’t going to touch the flowers above.

 Photo: The Light Painters via Cockliffe Country House Wedding


14. Onto The Floor

For all the drama and romance, bring your wedding candles from the table onto the floor. Be sure to check with your venue that they are happy and make sure the walkway is wide enough to be on the safe side. Or you could use LED candles for a safer approach.

 Photo: Frame Of Love via Natural Wedding Ideas


15. Wine Bottles

A pub classic, a wine bottle candle holder can look chic. Especially when paired with pretty summer wedding flowers.

Photo: Olivia and Dan Photography via Outdoor Wedding UK


16. Gold Candles

Candles come in metallic shades and add sheen as well as opulence to a table.

 Photo: Harriet Bird Photography via Glazebrook House Wedding


17. Suitcase

Hows is this for an alternative wedding candle idea? Add candles to mini suitcases placed in the table centres.

 Photo: Charly Richards Photography via Vintage Glamour Wedding


18. Candelabra

Classicly beautiful and sure to pack a punch is a candelabra. Adorn your candelabra with flowers for a luxe look.

 Photo: Photography34 via Carlton Towers Wedding


19. Hoop Tealights

Create a mini suspended light display by hanging tea lights from a sweet hoop. I love this style!

 Photo: Emilie May Photography via Holmes Mill Wedding


20. Floating Candles

Floating candles really do have a magical feel and they really can be simple.

 Photo: Danielle Leslie Photography via Netherdale House Wedding


21. Gold Candlesticks

Gold, brass or silver candlesticks are always a winning idea for wedding tables. Wow.

 Photo Helen Rose Photography via Dusky Pink Taupe Wedding


22. Wooden Box

Make or find glass wooden boxes before adding candles. Autumn wedding flowers, leaves and greenery nestled inside really look lovely too.

 Photo: Wyldbee Photography via Industrial Derbyshire Wedding


23. Black & Gold

So stylish, black and gold together look incredible. Use modern shape candle holders for all the contemporary vibes.

 Photo: Bloom Weddings via Carriage Hall Wedding


24. Tree Candles

Utilise blossom tree centrepieces by hanging tea lights from the branches. Just imagine the magical twinkling come evening.

 Photo: Sally T Photography via Whinstone View Wedding


25. Cluster Candles

Take note of this beautiful top-table wedding decoration idea. Cluster candles in groups of threes, at different heights for a seamless style.

 Photo: Leah Lombardi via Preston Priory Barn Wedding


26. Shaped Candles

Candles come in all shapes and sizes, so why not have fun with some alternative textures?

 Photo: Emma Wilkinson Photography via Beige Wedding


27. Jar Candles

Another budget-friendly wedding candle idea. Collect free jam jars, add glitter or paint them. Simple, gorgeous and sustainable.

 Photo: Leah Lombardi via Pimhill Barn Wedding


28. Wooden Candle Holders

Wooden candle holders add warmth and rustic vibes.

 Photo: Samantha Ward via Monk Fryston Hall Hotel Wedding


29. Gin Bottle

Gin lover? Keep your gin bottles and use them to hold your wedding candles.

 Photo: Rebecca Douglas Photography via Rustic Natural Winter Wedding


30. Rainbow Brights

Go wild with candles in all the colours for a fun decoration option.

 Photo: Beth Alderson Photography via Lancashire Barn Wedding


31. Glass Holders

Protect your candles from the elements with chic glass holders.

 Photo: Caterina Neri Fotografie via Tuscany Villa Wedding


32. Glasses

Do you have some cute glassware at home? Bring them along as use as candle holders.

 Photo: Beth Alderson Photography via Lancashire Barn Wedding



There we have it. All the wedding candle centrepieces you’ll ever need to create your own unique centrepiece style.

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