31 Winter Wedding Colours – Magical & Cosy Palette Ideas

Unsure where to begin with your winter wedding colours? Let’s face it, there are so many colour palette choices for the winter that it can be overwhelming.

But no need to fret, I am here to the rescue to make choosing your winter colours easy-breezy. I will be sharing 31 winter wedding scheme ideas. Yes!

 Photo: Grace Elizabeth Photography via Grey Wedding Ideas


Winter Wedding Colour Ideas In The Most Stunning Tones

It’s time to take a look at beautiful wedding colour ideas for winter celebrations. From sumptuous red to burnt orange and even shades of ice blue and rich magenta, these ideas will be sure to make your heart sing.

It’s often thought that at certain times of the year in different seasons there are appropriate colours to choose. But let’s face the facts. It’s just colour! You don’t have to have traditionally seasonal colours at your wedding.

If you love neon yellow and want to use it in your winter wedding, you ruddy well go for it. That being said, if you want a traditional winter colour palette, that’s great too.

You don’t actually have to have a colour scheme at all. Many real weddings I feature haven’t had a theme or have used a multitude of hues. So before you dive into the colour ideas below, consider if a formal scheme is for you.

Choosing one or even two colours will keep things simple. But you’d be surprised at the number of different colours you can put together. When using more than one shade, consider one or two dominant tones, then use the others for accents. Metallics are a great way to add additional texture and colour that match everything!

Top Tip! You don’t have to match all your wedding colours exactly. Tonal shades of the same colour can still work perfectly in harmony.


1. Dusky Blue & Brass

Dusky blue with metallic brass has an antique vibe suited to colder months.

 Photo: SJP Photography via Dusky Blue Wedding


2. White & Gold

Create hygge vibes with glowing creamy white and golds.

 Photo: Emily Tyler Photography via Upthorpe Wood Wedding


3. Red & Greenery

Combine red with oddles of greenery for a super lush feel.

Photo: Three Flowers Photography via Red Greenery Wedding


4. Snowy White Green & Gold

Use snow as your inspiration and pair with greens and golds.

 Photo: T S Foto Design via Igloo Hotel Wedding


5. Blue White & Grey

Embrace winter wedding colours by using pale blue and whites with tonal grey.

 Photo: Joanna Briggs Photography via Winter Blue Barn Wedding Ideas


6. Greenery & Gold

Use spruce with gold candlesticks and glowing lighting for a soft winter style.

 Photo: Mini and Me Photography via Christmas Wedding Inspiration


7. Icy Blue & White

Create wintery snowy vibes with icy blue and white. Add glitter and silver for extra winter atmosphere.

 Photo: Ryann Lindsey Photography via Snowy Winter Wonderland Wedding


8. Grey & Greenery

Ethereal, dreamy grey tones with festive greenery is sure to delight.

 Photo: Grace Elizabeth Photography via Grey Wedding Ideas


9. Christmas Green Gold & Red

Planning a Christmas wedding? Go all in with a red, gold and green colour theme.

 Photo: Lola Rose Photography via Traditional Christmas Wedding


10. Orange & Pink

Bold orange and pink are a perfect fit for NYE, especially with disco balls aplenty.

 Photo: Michelle Huggleston Photography via Disco Ball Wedding Inspiration


11. Velvet Red & Black

Velvety red with atmospheric black stationery is sure to set the tone at your winter wedding.

 Photo: Olivia Yuen Photo via New Orleans Micro Wedding


12. White Charcoal & Gold

Use monochrome tones with frosty gold for a wintertime feel.

 Photo: Christine Third Wheeling via Celestial Wedding Ideas


13. Red Pink & Green

For a twist on traditional festive colours, add pink to greens and reds.

Photo: Barbara Markiewicz Photography via Christmas Tree Farm Wedding Ideas


14. Blue & Silver

Creates a winter wonderland feel with silvers and blues.

 Photo: Laura Coughlan via Silver Blue Wedding


15. Burnt Orange & Cream

Burnt oranges and creams will create a welcoming, warm vibe.

Photo: Megan Donati Photography via December Wedding Ideas


16. Dusky Pink & Taupe

Warm dusky pink with neutral taupe tones are so cosy.

 Photo: Helen Rose Photography via Dusky Pink Taupe Wedding


17. Forest Green & Copper

Seasonal forest green and metallic coppers work well for a modern luxe look.

 Photo: Holly Collings Photography via Greek English Fusion Wedding


18. Jewel Tones

Use seasonal fruit as your winter colour inspiration!

Photo: Dhw Photography via Rustic Christmas Wedding Ideas


19. Black & Orange

Decadent black with a pop of orange looks awesome. Add plenty of fairy lights for a magic twinkle.

 Photo: YTZ Weddings via Dark Bohemian Wedding


20. Burgundy & Gold

Luxurious burgundy and gold are perfect for winter and Christmas weddings.

 Photo: Victoria Crocker Photography via Burgundy Wedding Theme


21. Green Black & Gold

Full on glamour with black, gold sequins and green tones.

Photo: Gina Fernandes Photography via 1920s Wedding Ideas


22. Midnight Blue & Gold

Use the night sky as inspiration for your winter wedding with midnight blue and gold accents.

 Photo: Olegs Samsonovs Photography via Moon Stars Wedding Ideas


23. Orange & Navy

Yes classic navy paired with bright orange tones can work brilliantly at winter weddings.

 Photo: Rachael Connerton Photography via Floral Wedding


24. Purple & Gold

Purple and gold have to be the ultimate in luxury winter affairs.

 Photo: Photography By Petrina via Moon Wedding Ideas


25. Sage Green

Soft and pretty, sage green is a versatile colour option for weddings during any season.

 Photo: Richard Skins Photography via Berkshire Barn Wedding


26. Blue & Grey

Dark blue with a warm grey is classy and chic.

 Photo: The Backyard Studios via Philippines Wedding


27. Pink & Gold

Think about gold to highlight pretty sunset pinks.

 Photo: Becky Wright Photography via Sunset Wedding Ideas


28. Dusty Plum

Dusty plum works well with blues and reds for a divine winter palette.

 Photo: Steph Kiely Photography via Purple Winter Wedding Ideas


29. Blush & White

Timeless and beautiful, blush and white may be the colour scheme for you!

 Photo: Matt Horan Photography via Willow Marsh Farm Wedding


30. Deep Purple & Green

Rich purple and jewel-like green velvet are a match made in heaven.

 Photo: New Forest Studio via Pylewell Park Wedding


31. Pink & Black

Dramatic, bold and contemporary, pink and black is sure to wow all your guests.

 Photo: Aurora Grey Photography via Modern Pink Wedding Ideas


And that’s a wrap, all the winter wedding colours you need to plan your day to perfection! No matter which colour theme you go for, don’t forget there are no rules when it comes to weddings and styling. If you want a pastel scheme in the depths of wintertime or want to go all-out Christmas colours, always do you.


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