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Top 3 Reasons To Hire A Buyers Agent When Buying A House

Buying a house is one of the most exciting and nerve-racking times of your life, adding to that possibly the most significant financial investment and undertaking you will sign up to.

The process, especially for a novice, can Business-gift/">be daunting and traditionally the seller seemingly held all the cards and had an agent looking after their best interest, but a new breed of agent came to the aid of the buyers, negotiating just a hard as the seller's agent.  

Arise the Buyers Agent. 

So here are the three main reason you should consider using a buyers agent when buying a property and if you want to know where are the buyers agent in Canberra click here. 

1. They Are Free To Hire.

Buyers Agents do not act as lawyers. There are infrequent occasions where you pay for a buyers agent until the deal is signed and paid for but these are only if you refuse to pay commission on the contract.

It's a commission only, best-efforts basis deal, so you have peace of mind knowing that while you are at work or going about your daily business, they are out there scouring the market for the right fit at the right price so you get what you want and they get paid.

2. They Know What to Look For

Chances are you may be able to view two or three properties on the weekend, rest assured a Buyers Agent is viewing more than a dozen a week and gets access to all the building reports, damage assessment reports plus, plus. So they know immediately what not to waste your time on, something that if you went it alone, you would probably end up doing months of. 

3.) A Buyers Agent Knows Their Local Market, And It's Price Point

Real Estate Markets differ from city to city and States have different laws to each other, so a local buyers agent knows where you stand on their patch. Most importantly they see when the seller is overpricing the property and will negotiate them back to reality.  

So there are 3 Solid reasons to hire a Buyers Agent.

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