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How Drafting Plays An Important Role In Managing Cows?

Drafting is considered a perfect way to separate cows into different cages in the yard by using races. Both procedures can Business-gift/">be done with one person, although page making is often easier with two people. This process is a way of sorting cows, separating cows from calves, rearranging cattle, or quickly removing cows for sale or care for proper management. 

Note: when separating cows and calves, always the concept of cows comes out to reduce the hassles later.

Drafting yard utilizes the equilibrium point of livestock, and their natural tendency to run around in circles to direct cattle to the desired place. An example of a picture of a round page is shown below. The number of gates that open from the page provides options for sorting. Cows are directed through these cattle sorting gate to certain storage areas by utilizing a balance point.

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Different round yards work in different directions, depending on the direction of the open gate – livestock are always directed to move so that the open gate stops them from running through the entrance to the yard. Round page management often requires two people, but can be easily done with just one person and the use of directors such as poly-pipes.

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