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Deal With Black Mold in Your Bathroom

Do you spend a lot of time in the">bathroom? It is said that the average person spends over an hour and a half in the bathroom over a week’s time. It only gets longer if you factor in smartphone usage. People use it for many different things, including cleaning, relieving, and even escaping.

It is a really nice way to be alone for a while, but you want your bathroom to be as clean as it can be. Since so much water runs through this room, there are a few concerning issues that might pop up. One such issue may be mold.

At, there is lots of information about mold being in your bathroom. They tell you how to deal with it, get rid of it, and even keep it away from your bathroom. Keep in mind that even black mold can be an issue in your bathroom. Since there are many water pipes that transport water and waste from your home, they get a lot of use.

You could find a leaky or fractured pipe eventually, which can lead to this mold infestation. Your bathroom should have waterproof sheetrock or plaster. If you aren’t sure, you should talk to your landlord or look in your blueprints. Mold can grow on this as well, though, so be sure to take care of water damage as soon as it happens.

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