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Cool and Modern nail polish Design for Young Girls

Nail polish designs don't have to Business-gift/">be a boring single sheet of color on all of your fingernails and toenails. There are many different designs you can try out on your nails.

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Some of the styles are:

Tooth picking: This is the simplest method of making your nails more interesting. You'll have to use at least two shades of gloss, and a transparent bottle of gloss.

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Clear nail polish is essential, as it protects your layouts from being damaged and scraped. Pick two colors that look nice when put side by side. To begin with, you'll need to use two layers of your foundation color.

When the second coat has dried, then dip a toothpick to the next color, and take away any surplus. You're now ready to begin painting designs on your nails with the toothpick. When the second coat has dried, then paint it with a couple of layers of clear polish.

Cover: Gently cover your nail some paint and tape on your whole nail, over the tape. When you're finished, remove the tape and then allow your nail polish tender. You may cover your nail in another manner another time to initiate a pattern.

Starfield: This style works great with gold or silver glitter above a midnight blue base coating, to mimic the appearance of stars appearing at the night skies. The very first thing you have to do would be to use two coats of your preferred base shade. 

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