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Buying Guide Of Condominium

Condos are governed by the law which is recorded along with land plates and distribution of units at the local land office. Condo associations are legal entities that are responsible for establishing and enforcing regulations. Get Business-gift/">best downtown nyc condos at

While all unit members hold condo ownership and are technically members of the condo association, the board of directors usually holds the power of the condo association. Condo associations vary in the types of rules and regulations they set.

All condominiums will have a clear structure that determines what the responsibility of each owner for maintenance is and what is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the association. For example, condominium associations are often responsible for community groups, but individual owners may be responsible for maintaining their own terrace space.

Rules and conditions can be set:

  • Who is allowed to be on the location of the property with the condo?
  • Rules about pets
  • Parking restrictions or types of vehicles that can be parked in the condo parking lot
  • Regulations on how condominium outdoor spaces should appear

As a legal entity, condominium associations can fine, place liens against, or even force confiscation of members of associations that do not follow the rules. Even so, condo associations do not have full strength – the types of rules and regulations they can make are governed by local, state and federal laws.

If you have a dispute with your condo association, you should contact a condo real estate lawyer who has experience with a condo association.

You should not try to fight your own association. The condo's budget can be complicated and lengthy, and a lawyer can review the law to see if you have to comply or if there are loopholes, illegal rules, or contradictions in the law.

If you are considering buying a condo, you need to hire a legal lawyer who can review the association's by-laws with you. Never buy into a condo association or homeowner association until you know all the rules and regulations that will govern the ownership of your property.

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