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Benefits Of A Solar Pool Cover

A solar pool cover might be regarded as chiefly to keep debris from the water, but have you considered the additional advantages of buying one? There are many more benefits of getting the right cover for your swimming pool.

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An Extended Swimming Time

One of the main benefits of the solar pool cover is it keeps the water warmer as compared to if it were not blanketed at night. Heat logically escapes from water during the night time, but with the added insulation which the cover provides, you can restrict the reduction of temperature overnight.

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As a result, you have a swimming pool that is ready to use early in the morning – something which is probably not possible in certain states thanks to cool overnight temperatures – and have a warm swimming pool throughout the day.

Moreover, a solar cover may also prolong the duration of the swimming season, specifically in those states where the summer is shorter, by continuing to keep the water warmer for a longer time.

Security Features

There are specific restrictions around the building of swimming pools that are tightly related to safety laws. For those who have a pool, you will know that any built in-ground must be fenced in. A lot of people have above-ground swimming pools, and for these, there is no such regulation.

Owing to this, a great number of above-ground swimming pools are conveniently accessible by children and animals, and sadly, accidental drowning can occur. Nearly all solar pool covers will take the weight of an adult, so the added safety features of covering a pool when not in use are clear.

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